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Roger Binny inspire Gelephu School Kids

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Sorry for not able to update this blog, well i was busy taking a break and getting the Cricket World Cup updated as the super 8 match is underway. And yea, i been to Gelephu , a place in south of Bhutan and border to Indian State of Assam. Actually we were on tour with Roger Binny who is the Country Development Officer of Bhutan and is on 4 days country assignment.

Roger Binny on his Second Visit to Bhutan and this time, the Board has decided to take him to Gelephu Region where the Local Coaches have already done the Level " O" Coaching Course and Cricket Development Activities in the Schools. His Visit would mean an immense shoot up of cricket Enthusiastic amongst the Student. All has been arranged in the Gelephu District with the help of Bhutan India Friendship Association Vice-President Norbu Rabten and Dorji, these guys have rendered tireless service to the Bhutan Cricket in arrangement of Roger Binny Visit to Gelephu.

Bhutan Cricket Official and Roger Binny meet with the principal and Headmaster of Gelpehu Middle Secondary School and Gelephu Lower Secondary School respectively and discussed about the cricket promotion in the school, roger said that the most important for the cricket to develop is to have base in the school. He also visited various vacant area in and around Gelephu region for a suitable and International Size Ground for Bhutan Cricket to Develop it.

Later in the Afternoon, The schools has another plan, the District Education Officer has ordered all the Teachers and student to welcome Roger Binny, the 1983 world cup winning players. The school basketball ground was filled with 1000 plus student from Both the schools to welcome Roger Binny and to Get Inspirational Talk and Autograph. The Headmaster welcomed him with Traditional Khadar and then he was briefly introduced by Norbu Rabten, the Focal Person for Bhutan cricket, he then gave a short talk to the student and send a waves of encouragement to all the Student. He was then Mob for the Autograph.

Such an Great Ambassador for cricket can turn the favor and mind of young kids around and so can the Cricket Game be Achieved at highest level, with the formal presence of Roger Binny in the Gelephu Schools, more and more Student will take up cricket and thus promote cricket in the region.


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Bhutan Cricket History : Part VII ( The Last Part)

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Thanks for Being part of Bhutan Cricket. The History of the Bhutan Cricket Concluded with This Post.
Continuation Series of Bhutan Cricket History from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Part VI

The year also saw the sponsor for Bhutan Cricket with cricket overtaking other sporting events of the country and it’s been said by public that “Cricket is the only Active Board where coaching and activities happens year long which the credit to the Young Board Member of Bhutan Cricket. Though Football is number one sports in Bhutan and Archery the National Game of Bhutan.

Zimdra Vanaspati Sponsored Bhutan cricket with 1 Million Ngultrum, Lhaki Cement with One Lakh and Druk Air (Royal Bhutan Airlines), there were other minor sponsored in Mandala Tours and Treks, Bhutan Kaza tours and Trek, Dechen Culutral Trekking Company, Etho Metho Tours and Treks and other companies.

The official presentation of one million sponsor deal for Bhutan cricket was Held in the Thimphu cricket Ground where His Excellency Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk, the president of Bhutan Cricket on Behalf of Bhutan Cricket received the Sponsor deal from Dasho Ugen Tshechup Dorje, the Vice-Chairman of Singye Group of Companies, the other present were Bhutan Cricket Board Members, National Coach Baba Sourjah, Senior National players and Media Groups.

Bhutan Cricket Senior National team then tour Sri Lanka before the ACC Trophy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the 10 days tour benefited the players a lot in playing similar condition of that in Malaysia. The ACC Trophy was Asian Cricket Council Biggest Tournament for Non Test Playing Nation and it’s also a qualifying Tournament for the Next World Cup. The Previous Winner Oman getting a division qualifying from Asia and will play with oceanic and Europe winner for a place in the World Cup Final.

Bhutan were group alongside Nepal, Hong Kong, Kuwait and Myanmar which is group of death, Bhutan couldn’t perform well in the group stages as they were beaten by Hongkong in the their First Match, Nepal then Thrashed Bhutan after Nepal scored 300+ runs and Bhutan were all out for 36 runs, an Himalayan Battle won by superior team. Bhutan were yet again trashed by Kuwait and their only consolation came when they Beat Myanmar by 8 wickets. Jigme Singye was named Man of the Match for his 5 wickets hauls and only the second bowler after Tandin Wangchuk to take 5 wickets in a match. Bhutan debacle in international match was a trend at the moment with less and not having a proper cricket ground back in Bhutan. Given time, Bhutan cricket will be an country to watch out later on.

Back in Bhutan the Thimphu cricket Ground was ready for yet another cricket coaching and organized cricket Tournament, and club matches. The ground which is no more than 70 meters length and 65 meters width attracted the people passing by with the look alike of International Ground. The strip and the mowing style set the example of how well Bhutan Cricket Curator is trained and experienced. The ground gave a different fever for the kids as well for the cricketers and other cricket lovers.

August end and September month was a busy cricket season for the whole Thimphu school as Bhutan Cricket Organized the first ever Under-15 schools tournament for under-15 schools kids. The tournament saw 9 schools participating and lasted for one month, Zimdra Vanaspati, Drukair (Royal Bhutan Airlines) and Lhaki Cement was main sponsor apart from sponsoring Bhutan Cricket Board. Motithang Higher Secondary School was champion at the end after defeating Yangchenphu Higher Secondary School.

The tournament was a huge success and School kids were lucky to have their match witness by Roger Binny, the former 1983 world cup winner who was in the Country to do assessment of Bhutan Cricket on Behalf of Asian Cricket Council. He did one day coaching camp for the under-15 schools kids and with senior squad as well. The tournament did helped Bhutan Cricket to choose talented Under-15 National Cricket Team where Bhutan reached Final and securing Second spot along with the Coveted Spirit of the Cricket Award during Under-15 Asian Cricket Council Challenge cup held in Bangkok in December 2006. Click here to read the Under-15 School Tournament Match Reports and Archive

Right after the school tournament concluded, Bhutan Cricket Organized Club tournament which is know as Zimdra Vanaspati Cup, Zimdra Being the Official Sponsor of Bhutan cricket. The Tournament news brought new hope and aspiration for former clubs which after a gap of more than two years saw a real cricket match. The matches were played every Saturday and Sunday due to most players are school going student, the tournament format was a league match where every clubs should play against each other and the one Who collects the highest point will be crown the Champion. Five Thimphu Based Club Participated in the Tournament, Friends United, Bhutan Telecom, Bhutan Times, Youth 11, IMTRAT. Friends United were crown Champion with Youth11 securing Second Spot. Click here to Read the Zimdra Vanaspati Cup Match Reports and Archives.

As the Thailand Cricket Association Prepares for the ACC Under-15 Challenge Cup to be held in December 2006, Bhutan Cricket with tournament summer season ended after the Zimdra Vanaspati Cup, Under-15 coaching camp started in the Thimphu Cricket Ground, Players were chosen from the under-15 school tournament and were given coaching, the Coach had tough time to select the 14th players out of 30 probable list. All were equally talented and are keen to represent Bhutan in the International Arena.

Bhutan couldn’t participate in 2005 when the last ACC Under-15 Cricket trophy was held in UAE, the team were fully equipped and were made entry till Thailand when they were rejected for the Issuance of UAE Visa, this sort of Visa Glitch was to be blamed the Organizing Committee after they in first stance agreed to follow the Visa procedure from UAE Cricket office when at last moment they forced Bhutan out of the Tournament.
Anyway back to the Topic, with vigorous Training in the iced cold weather of Thimphu, Bhutan cricket was finally set for the Tournament.

Bhutan young under-15 created history when they reached the Final of the Tournament and only to lose to stronger side Oman. The team played brilliantly through out the tournament with 2 wins and two lose in the group stage, Thailand team were out of the tournament in despair after semi final clash where Bhutan after setting a target of 120 bowled out Thailand team for 105. Such was the sign of strong base of Bhutan cricket after barely 4 years of Introducing cricket in Bhutan. Bhutan was awarded with the Spirit of the Cricket Award for overall disciplines in the Tournament out of 10 countries participate. Bhutan got the entry pass to the Elite Level of the Under-15 Tournament along with Oman in the Next Under-15 Tournament.

At home people gossip the success of the Under 15 Cricket Team and sent Himalayan fever to everyone, cricket blood were injected in to the Stubborn Archery and soccer blood. Click here to Read the Archives News and match reports of ACC Under-15 Challenge Cup 2006 held in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2006.

The Success of the Under-15 cricket Team brought lot of fans and lovers together when Bhutan Cricket organized their own version of Twenty20 Cricket Tournament in Thimphu. 6 Team participated in the tournament which is played in the cold weather condition of Thimphu where the Temperature goes to Minus in morning and Night. The ground used to get bad cover of frost early morning and Night, Match have to be played around 10 am in the Morning.

The Twenty20 Tournament saw the emerging of new technology, the live ground commentary of the whole Match. This is certainly the crowd Puller, the player had so much fun and so the crowds, Girls were few who did the cheering in the Final between Bhutan Telecom and Friends United where Bhutan Telecom outplayed Friends United and won the First ever Bhutan Cricket Twenty20 Tournaments. Click here to Read the Archive News and Match Reports.

This is the end of the Bhutan Cricket History and I take no responsibility if certain things had not been included or vice versa. Thanks to all my valuable reader for time to read it and I must thank Homer for his excellent thought, Rezwan for Shouting it in the Globalvoicesonline and other fellow.

The rest of the Bhutan Cricket story and history can be continued where Bhutan Cricket having a dedicated website and keep updates of cricketing updates within Bhutan and Outside Bhutan


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World Cup Fever - who do you cheer up ?

Guys, didn't know that world cup has started, lolz.. well am pretty much lazy, didn't have Tv line at my home for last 5 months and.. yet don't bother as well.. Anyway the world cup would be great now, top teams getting a bit of pressure from the minnows, never under estimate the strength of the minnows. Anything can Happen now!!

I just sum up now.. My team for the World Cup, "Go Kiwis" The all time Favorites Black Caps - New Zealand, Please share me your team if anyone drops by this blog!! Would love to see the real happening in the Most Prestigious Cup of Cricket. The World Cup!!!

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Bhutan Cricket History : Part VI

Continuation Series of Bhutan Cricket History from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Cricket is slowly gaining the popularity amongst the young kids and schools, with regular coaching program in Thimphu District and other District, the numbers of cricket playing have increased.

Back in Bhutan, Bhutan cricket organized Umpire and scorer course for the Bhutanese Cricketer and local interested funded by Asian Cricket Council. Peter Manual, former International Umpire was the Resource person.

With Asian Cricket Council organizing Under – 17 ACC Trophy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from August 5th to 13th 2005 and Invitation sent to all the Asian cricket Members, Bhutan Cricket prepared then prepared the Team to play in the Tournament. Baba Mazhir Sourjah was again appointed as the National Coach and to Prepare for the Under-17 Trophy, Bhutan Cricket then sent notice to schools about the coaching program and the tournament, schools kids were given coaching and were selected for the Tournament. Due to the lack of proper ground and facilities, coaching has really hard for the coach.

Bhutan Cricket with the help of Indian Counselor Rao did coaching and Match Practice in picturesque Indian Embassy cricket Ground. Asian cricket Council Country Development officer Rumesh Ratnayke made his trip to Bhutan to assist the Under-17 National team for the Tournament. With regular Match Practice situation and coaching, Bhutan cricket u-17 National team was selected with Manoj Adhikari leading the team.
Bhutan were Group against Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Bhutan Participated in the Tournament and were minnows with the likes of UAE, Nepal, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore , Bahrain, Afghanistan, Oman and other strong nation.

Though Bhutan lost all the group match, Bhutan Sushil Sharma Luitel, a 14 years old players caught the headlines and other spectator when he half the size of the opponent bowled 8 overs without giving a single wide’s and faced the pace attack with straight bat when other had the problem. He sets the example of how a young cricketing Nation like Bhutan has the talent in young school kids. The Under-17 Tournament had to be Abandon after the Quarter Final Match due to smoky and haze in Kuala Lumpur after fire blazed in the Neighboring Country. The Tournament had to be canceled and there was no winner.

Thimphu Cricket Ground has slowly got the turf covered and laid a concrete wicket in the middle where a permanent synthetic wicket would be laid for local tournament and match Practice. At the end of October 2005, Bhutan Cricket Laid second synthetic wicket in the Center which became the gem for all the cricketers and lovers where they could actually feel the game sense and match situation.

For the toast to the cricket lovers and enthusiastic cricketer club, Bhutan cricket organized their own version of super 8 knock out tournament where 8 teams participated. The rule is only 8 players a side and 8 over, The scoring runs rule was just simple for the small ground, if the ball hits the fence two runs are scored and if it goes above the fence without touching the fence four runs are credited to the Batsmen, if it land in the first step of the pavilion six runs. IMTRAT team won the tournament with Friend’s United team runner’s up. The tournament brought up new face in the cricket as people began to understand the game and the rules.

The year 2006.

As the cricket activities kept on rolling and matches played between the clubs and the cricket lovers, Asian Cricket Council yet again organized the Emerging Nation Trophy hosted by Thailand in Bangkok. The teams are same except for Brunei not able to participate in the tournament, Bhutan National Team was trained for two months in the Thimphu. With same Weather condition prevailing, the training has been very tough, still the players mange to adapts. Feb 2006, Bhutan Participated in the 4th Emerging Nation Tournament held in Bangkok from 12th – 16th February 2006.

Bhutan jinx in International Match Still couldn’t be broken as they were yet again beaten by Thailand and Maldives in the league match. Apparently Bhutan and Thailand Match was decided on duck worth lewis after rain interrupted in the second innings when Bhutan was chasing a score of 300 runs made by Thailand Team, Thailand were the winner by 69 runs at the end. The Tournament was graced by Bhutan Queen Her Majesty Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuk while playing against Maldives, this has been a memorable moment for Bhutanese Cricketer and Maldives cricketer, Dasho Ugen Tshechup Dorje, the Vice-President of Bhutan Cricket accompanied the Queen as well. Bhutan lost to Maldives and yet again a replay of the 3rd Emerging Nation trophy final between Maldives and Thailand, Maldives outplayed Thailand and were Champion for second time in second years row.

The Asian Cricket Council ACC Trophy 2006 to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from june 12-24 June 2006. The preparation for the Senior National Team which consist of former national players and other new talented players. Bhutan Cricket with the recommendation from Rumesh Ratnakya, the Country Development officer yet again appointed Baba Mazhir Sourjah as National coach and to prepared team for the ACC Trophy. With the ground in good condition for the coaching and match, training has been different with game sense and match plan along with the fitness of the players simultaneously coaching the schools kids during weekend by the senior players assist by Baba M Sourjah. Schools Kids gather in the grounds in Numbers and Girls did participated which shows the cricket has been injected into the blood of Bhutanese people.

There were funs all around the ground with the kids, basic cricket coaching for the beginner were taught, young talented players were chosen in the probable list for the Under-15 Challenge Cup in December 2006. The schools kids were given valuable tips by the senior players and were benefited during Under-15 Canvas Ball School Tournament held later in the September month.

Baba M Sourjah, Coaching Session In Indian Embassy, Thimphu

Bhutan Under-17 and Senior Players does Warm Up

Umpire Peter Manual With the Participant on the Field

Umpires And Scorers Lunch Time, Guys looks Yummy

Under-17 National Team Fielding Session In Indian Embassy Ground

Bhutan Young Sushil Sharma during Net Practice

Under-17 Players In Net Practice Session in Thimphu

Guys Still One Last Part to Go before i finish with Bhutan Cricket History Series..... Stay Tuned!!!!


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Cricket Development in Sarpang District :

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It's been quite while since i updated my blogs, well i got nothing to keep updates except for the level "O" coaching course and cricket development in Gelephu Schools, the other is Umpiring Workshop in Paro District.
The Coaching course and Cricket Development session in Gelephu District was head by Bhutan Cricket Coaching Coordinator Damber Singh Gurung and Assistant Coaching Coordinator Tshering Dorji, The main aim of the coaching course was to educate the schools teacher and prepare for the up coming school tournament in Gelephu, gelephu being border with the Assam states have lot of cricket playing and as the cricket has been existing long time ago, with full support from the Youth and cultural Ministry and the cooperation by the Gelephu Sports Association, Bhutan Cricket could take the cricket in gelephu to newer height.

All the schools were given coaching session with some school being far away, yet two coaches have made available for the general enthusiastic schools kids, girls were not shy to compete with the boys. The two coaches brief all the schools that the Bhutan Cricket would fully support the school to promote the cricket and with fully support pledge by the schools to promote cricket and introduce in the school, cricket would certainly take over from other sports.

"Gelpehu schools have lot of potential for development of cricket as every schools have their own ground and few schools have two ground which is lying ideal and await for renovation, this is a bonus for them as they could have the cricket base set up in in the ground where cricket activities and tournament could be held amongst the schools and within schools, the ground would have the international size where International Tournament can be held ". remarks Damber Singh Gurung.

With the round up of the Sarpang District as well, two coaches have really worked in development of the cricket and paving way for setting up base where there will be a full time coach to look after the cricket in the region.

Gelephu Lower Secondary School

Level "O" Theory Class in Progress

Damber Singh Gurung Lead By Example

Girls Takes Hand into Batting


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Bhutan Cricket Picture Moment!!!

Hello Everyone,
I just want to say sorry for not able to complete the "Bhutan Cricket History" series, well something wrong happen last time while i was about to post it, actually the history post is almost to end and only one post to go. Unfortunately all my file has been deleted from the computer and so couldn't get the file.!! pardon ..will try to compile yet again and post it soon.!

Meanwhile, i got few favorites cricket moment picture...check it out!!

Ball, Will you wait for me as well, i want to go with you!!

Do I look Perfect, I am next Batsman!!!

Hey Little Mousey, what you doing in the field!!!

Don't You think i should be putting on some sun block lotion !!

Look what he is holding in his hand!! Thats Bad, really bad :-) :-)

Focused!!! Guys don't disturb me!!

Is that A pen or Cigarettes!!!

Man You gotta Wait for the ball to come before you swing!!!

Umpires!!!! Are we in Ascending Order!!!


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Bhutan Cricket History : Part V

Continuation Series of Bhutan Cricket Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4.

The Board with the help of Asian cricket Council brought new Synthetic pitch which is most ideal in the cold weather condition of Bhutan during winter and summer. Towards the end of September, the first synthetic wicket was laid in Changlimithang cricket ground. The synthetic wicket gave the cricketer a feel like of the turf pitch where the ball bounce and seam for the fast bowler, Batsmen are more secure of playing a good shot and appreciating. The wicket gave more and confidence to the players.

With the fall of winter in another one months, Bhutan Cricket with the help of Executive Board Member Christopher Faris who has been a volunteer for the UN got in contact with Guild Cricket Club from Australia which was touring India during that time. The President, His Excellency Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk sent an invitation to Guild Cricket Club to Bhutan to play friendly one day international match against Thimphu Based cricket. The Guild Accepted the Invitation gladly and tour Bhutan in October 30th, The Match was to be played in the Changlimithang Stadium, preparation of the ground had been done and the match was played on the Coir Matting.

1st November, Guild Cricket Club and Thimphu X1 played what was supposed to be the 1st international Home Cricket Match for the Bhutan. Although Thimphu 11 lost the match by 35 runs after Guild Made 134 runs in 40 over. The Bhutanese Cricket Players and people were fortunate to have Former Indian Physiotherapist Andrew Kokinos, indeed he made 40 runs in the match. Although the spectators were scare during that time, a lot of talks were all around with Bhutan Broadcasting Corporation and Kuensel, the Bhutan National Newspaper..... "Read More"

During that time, His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk, the Fifth King of Bhutan the then was appointed as Chotse Penlop of Trongsa to timely Name the Memorable One Day tournament cup as Chotse Penlop Cup.

The warm autumn seasons fades away when December months starts, school are kept close for winter holiday after National Day ( i.e 17th December). The cricket season starts in the cold weather condition and coaching thus began in Thimphu, Phuntsholing and Gelephu. The usual development session attract a large number of kids and Thimphu Cricket Ground would be full of cricketer.

The Year 2005.

Bhutan Cricket prepared for the Emerging Nation Trophy to be held in Bangkok in February 2005. Training had been really tough in cold weather condition, the players find hard to catch the ball in chilly weather, as cricket is not an easy game and you gota take the challenge and Bhutanese Cricketer knows the best when it comes to dealing in cold and snowy weather condition.

Bhutan National cricket team left a week before the Tournament dates to Bangkok to play few Practice match and acclimatize with the weather condition. Bhutan National team played friendly match against Southerner’s cricket Club, a Bangkok Based cricket Club which was formed by Australian Expertise who were working in Thailand.

Bhutan Against Thailand in The Emerging Nation Tournament in Bangkok, Thailand (2005)

Bhutan then played in the 3rd Emerging Nation Tournament where 4 teams participate, Maldives, Bhutan, Brunei and Host Thailand. Bhutan couldn’t perform well and lost to Maldives and Thailand in the league Match, Their Only win came against Brunei where Skipper Damber Singh Gurung scored 59 runs and Bagged Man of the Match award. Bhutan and Thailand Match was drawn into umpire controversy where Bhutanese Players were given bad decision which turned the match into Thailand favor, Bhutan Wicket Keeper Batsmen Sanjog Chhetri was the hero for the day, his inning of 69 runs which is highest individual run scored by a Bhutanese Cricketer nearly steered Bhutan to Final before umpire bad decision to send non striker back to pavilion.

Tandin Wangchuk Became first bowler to take five wickets haul for Bhutan in International Match.Had there been a good umpire, Bhutan would have been in the final. Cricket as such is a game where everyone makes mistake and learn from it.

The Final match saw Maldvies trumpet against Thailand and lift the Emerging Nation Trophy, and made history in the Maldivian’s sport when they became the first team to bring home the trophy from International tournament, Maldives Captain Moosa Kalem was named man of the series for his all round performance both with bat and ball. They were given a red Carpet reception back in Male international Airport where President Abdual Gyaom himself welcomed the Hero’s, there had been a huge celebration, a moment that the cricketer would cherish for long time.

To Be Continued......

The Chotse Penlop Cup (Bhutan Vs Guild Cricket Club)

The Scoreboard used in Thimphu Played Between Bhutan and Guild Cricket Club