Friday, March 16, 2007

World Cup Fever - who do you cheer up ?

Guys, didn't know that world cup has started, lolz.. well am pretty much lazy, didn't have Tv line at my home for last 5 months and.. yet don't bother as well.. Anyway the world cup would be great now, top teams getting a bit of pressure from the minnows, never under estimate the strength of the minnows. Anything can Happen now!!

I just sum up now.. My team for the World Cup, "Go Kiwis" The all time Favorites Black Caps - New Zealand, Please share me your team if anyone drops by this blog!! Would love to see the real happening in the Most Prestigious Cup of Cricket. The World Cup!!!

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KC said...

An Ugyen who has a blog dedicated solely to Cricket, and You were not aware that the World Cup on Cricket had started? *oh! LOLL* Someone is slacking!!! :-))
Good to know you are human too... haha! :-)
Is there a Bhutan team in the mix? I will cheer for anything that dons the Orange and yellow colours, even if they are at the bottom like in the 2002 world cup for soccer...*grin*

cineylens said...

er...i don't know whom to support. all teams are equally bad and good for me *grin* wish i understand cricket. i don't even know the insect'cricket'...

anyways, australia for sure:)

Roger said...

Wish I could go!! nice post ugyen!

Linda Muliana said...

Hi Ugyen..thanks for the note of the day..and im really sorry for being unable to chat with you or leave note to you..i have a few ongoing logos project and a few website design and development + a few wedding invitations design as well at the moment..hope can chat with you again soon.. :) and pls check ur gmail NOW!!! im online..hehehe have a nice evening ugyen..

adrian keys said...

Hey Ugyen

Are the Kiws in this World Cup. I cable and don't see them represented(LOL.

Australia has lost a couple matches to England recently but don't be fooled. I predict they will win in fine style.

Linda Muliana said...

Hi Ugyen..
How are you today? I just drop by to say hi to you before I go to sleep..
Been busy like usual today..hope I can chat again with you tomorrow..
Have a nice day Ugyen

ugyen said...

Hi Guys, Thanks for the Comment, well well, i stop blogging as i am more into the Bhutan Blog at the moment and activities aren't around...
Hey Adrian key.. well aussie are aussie, but watch out for the minnows, they aren't the one who is sitting quite.Welll My Kiwis are always go on!!!