Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gelephu Schools to Battle for School cricket Tournaments trophy

HI Everyone,
Sorry for not keeping this blog updated with news , well i was away from the Capital City and was on tour to Souther Gelephu region with my Fellow Colleagues D.S.Gurung, the coaching coordinator for the Development activities and preparation of Gelephu School tournaments.
Cricket has grown in numbers in the gelephu district especially in the schools where more and more kids are into cricket.With the construction of two center wicket in the Gelephu Lower Secondary School which has two good size for the school cricket tournament, the Gelephu schools were lucky to have their own ground which is a bonus for them to develop the cricket in the schools.

We also meet with the District Education Officer of Sarpang Dzongkhag and official of Bhutan India Friendship Association (Gelephu Local Chapter),we had the discussion about the organizing of schools tournament later by the end of this month. The Tournament will be jointly hosted by the Bhutan Cricket Board and Sarpang Dzongkhag after the respective cluster tournament get to end and the winner of each cluster play for the trophy.

The Preparation of the Ground was not that easy with the existing ground level and tall grass covered the whole of the area. The Lawn Mower really had tough time getting thrugh the grass and it took nearly 4 days to mowed the whole two ground. As with the Center wicket, it wasn't easy too as we got the area measured and then dig the wicket block which later on will have jute matting covered on top when the tournament underway. A Heavy roller was also engaged to roll the wicket block for good base compaction so that it will keep hard and the ball get good bounce in the tournament.

In the wake of promoting girls cricket in schools, local Coaches were engaged in coaching the schools girls where they were taught fielding and batting.The Girls numbers has increased compared to last month when Bhutan cricket introduced cricket in sarpang dzongkhag.

The Trip was a productive one with two ground ready to host the tournament and Gelephu Lower Secondary School getting new sets of netting for the student to have a go with the cricketing shots.
Thanks for your kind support and the patience.
Tashi Delek