Sunday, February 25, 2007

How about a ground for Bhutan Cricket!!

Just an News for all my valuable reader, Bhutan Cricket is trying to get a ground in Paro. The ground that Bhutan Cricket is going to develop for the cricket belongs to school in paro which is Shaba Middle Secondary. The ground which is nearby the paro river is just ideal for cricket match. Sorry guys i couldn't get the picture of the Ground , will try to post it tomorrow.

Actually Bhutan Cricket desperately need a ground in order to spread the cricket amongst the school, the cricket in paro is moving high with sonam phuntsho, the lecturer of National Institute of Edcuation, Royal University of Bhutan. He being a keen lover of cricket and certified level two accredited coach by Asian cricket Council. Cricket is taking it's height in Bhutan with the success run by the under-15 National cricket team.

With Asian cricket council organizing under-19, under-17, under-15 elite this year, Bhutan cricket are really keeping the height of the players with high performance program running at the moment and Coaching Coordinator and Assistant Coaching Coordinator visiting recommended Cricket Playing District and getting the cricket program running all round.

The Shaba ground should benefit both the paro shaba middle secondary school and Bhutan cricket a lot. The support of the Paro dzongda and District education officer could come in handy while acquiring the Ground, "we have been planning to have a multi sports complex in paro where it would benefit whole of paro district schools and other school and with Bhutan Cricket coming in forward to develop the cricket ground, we the dzongkhag administration would always support in developing the paro shaba school ground into a multi sports complex" as said by Paro Dasho Dzongda.

Bhutan Cricket is planning to have first ever natural turf wicket where Bhutanes Cricket will feel the taste of playing in the Natural Turf ground. Their Performance will shoot up compared to playing in the Artificial Turf Pitch and Jute Matting(coir).

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Long Live Our King!! His Majesty 27th Birth Anniversary

"On the Most Joyous Occasion of the
27th birth Anniversary of His Majesty The druk Gyalpo
Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk
we offer our prayers to the alimighty for his Majesty's good health, long life and everlasting peace and prosperity of the people of Bhutan under his Majesty's Benevolent Guidance"
Tashi Delek

As My cricket updates withheld for a while, lot of holiday and important things are happening in Bhutan, The Losar or new yar for us was a great and this wedenesday 21st february, we have 27th Birth Anniversary of Fith King His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

His Majesty is so popular amongst the Thai Ladies that they address His Majesty as Prince of Charming during...His Majesty , the then Cown Pince represented His Mjesty the fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuk to join the 25 countries around the world to pay tribute to His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand on the occassion of the 60 years on the Throne.

Tashi delek.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Losar to All of You!!

Hello Everyone, I just would like to wish all of you a "HAPPY LOSAR", Bhutan New year Begin tomorrow with Female Hog ruling for one year. May this New Year Bring you and all of your family happiness and success. Happy Losar and Tashi Delek.

As The Cricket Players celebrates the New year with the family and friends, players would be dressed in best clothing. The Losar will last for two days, all the families members gather together and will have fun through out the day. All of you guys also have fun while i do too!!! :-)

In the remote part of Bhutan,The day begins with a traditional breakfast and initiation ceremonies, after which the alcohol starts to flow. As competitors prepare to hit the target, made of colourfully painted wood, the opposing team indulges in diversionary games. They whisper obscenities in ears and, more daringly, dance about in front of the target. Meanwhile, the women sing to encourage their team and jeer to discourage the other.

Happy New Year and Tashi Delek.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bhutan Cricket Club get a Boost

Can the Bhutan Cricket Clubs who were formerly registered with the Bhutan Cricket Council Board sustain within themselves, the Bhutan cricket board during the meeting with the clubs members discussed the club structure in Bhutan for smooth running and a back up for the Bhutan cricket. The clubs which are registered are:
1. Friend's United
2. Bhutan telecom
3. Druk CLubs

The Above clubs are registered with the Bhutan cricket Board looking into their standard and the continuous support towards the building of Cricket in Bhutan. Those clubs were briefed about thier importance to the Bhutan Cricket in terms of participation in the domestic tournament and building up strong base where players could get a chance to play for the Country.

This clubs to get full support from the board in improvement of their standard and are bound to participate in the every domestic tournament organized by the bhutan cricket board. With the cricket popularity amongst the young kids, more and more talented players would emerge and get a notch in the national side.

The need of clubs structure in the country would certainly enhanced the performance of the players in and out of the country.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bhutan Cricket history : Part IV

Continuation series from Part III, Part II, and Part I

Towards December 2003, Bhutan Cricket yet again organized Super Six Tournament which was played in RBA Ground in Thimphu, the Match turned out to be an exciting as more than 12 team participated in the tournament, the team consist from Bhutan Broadcasting Corporation, Royal Institute of Health Science, Schools, Local Clubs, Indian Embassy, IMTRAT from Thimphu and Haa as well, Friend’s United club lead by Bhutan Cricket Treasurer Ugyen Tenzin lifted the Trophy, Vice-President Dasho Ugen Tshechup Dorje was the Chief guest for the final.

Coaching camp has always been an success amongst the student and kids as school closes for the winter vacation starts from the December month, coaching camp were held in Thimphu, Phuntsholing and Gelephu District by the Senior players lead by Captain Damber Singh Gurung. As many as 200 plus kids participated in the coaching camp held in Thimphu District, most being school student ranging from age 9 to 20. With the Invitation from Asian Cricket Council to participate in the under-17 ACC Trophy to be held in Chennai in 2004, a right moment for the Bhutan Cricket to select players from the coaching camp.

Bhutan Under-17 team Participated in the tournament and were disappointed after they were knocked out from the group stage, but skipper Manoj Adhikari with his brilliant bowling performance was selected in the Asia u-17 team which tour Bangalore. Umpire Phuntsho Wangdi became first Bhutanese to umpire in the International Cricket Match when he Umpire two Match.

Bhutan Senior National team with the fund provided by ACC toured New Delhi in February 2004 for match practice, the twenty days tour and with 10 played match against various clubs from Delhi in the turf pitch, Bhutanese team were more exposed which certainly help their performance in the 2004 ACC Trophy held in Malaysia, where Bhutan Beat Iran in the group stage.

Bhutan Cricket hired Mr Baba Sourjah for second times to prepare for the ACC trophy 2004 which Bhutan got wild card from ACC. His coaching was completely and tough one as time was limited for him, regularly coaching session and players were more dedicated and did coaching tirelessly for two months.

At that time when the Players were training for the ACC Trophy, Bhutan Cricket took yet another big leap in developing of Changlimithang Ground which lies between Soccer field and Archery range for the purpose of Cricket only, though it was just an two sizeable Tiger Football ground. Work was given to the Construction Company and work started immediately in April 2004, the ground was fully dug and fine soil was laid for levelness and growth of turf. Coaching was hardly disturbed.

Bhutan then went to ACC Trophy all prepared after a disappointment start in the International scene during first and second ENT held in Nepal. 16 Non Test Playing Asian countries participated in the tournament Organized by Asian Cricket Council and Hosted by Malaysian Cricket Association. Bhutan first win in two years of playing International tournament came when Bhutan Beat Iran, Thinley Wangchuk Dorje was adjudged the man of the match for his brilliant batting performance of 48 runs. Bhutan Jinx was Broken. Though Bhutan lost to Nepal in group stage, Bhutan were still through to quarter final of ACC eventually losing to Oman, Bhutan was ranked 8th out of 16 countries which was an huge achievement for Bhutn Cricket.

The work Back in Bhutan was near completion towards September where Bhutan Cricket Employed Mr Ugyen Dorji, former National Players as Curator. When the summer season fades away the time Ground was ready for the establishment of turf, only half the ground was sown seeds which left other half naked.

To Be Continued....


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bhutan Cricket History : Part III

Continuation of Part 1, Part 2

Bhutan Cricket Association then started hosting Domestic tournament for the cricket enthusiastic and as many as 10 clubs from Thimphu Participate in the Tournament organized by the Bhutan Cricket, the matches were played in coir matting in soccer field of Royal Bhutan Police and Royal Institute of Management in Semtokha, the tournament attracted more and more interested cricket players.

With the support from Asian Cricket Council, Bhutan cricket Association yet again brought new foreign coach after two months of playing first ever international tournament, with the recommendation of Country Development officer, Rumesh Ratnakaya, Baba Mazhier Sourjah was appointed as National Coach, his first visit mark the development of grass root of cricket in Bhutan, his coaching basically consist of Straight Bat and Technical coaching session amongst kids and student. He had a tough time coaching as there were no facilities available at that time, with ground being uneven and invaded by bush, nevertheless his coaching session attracted many kids which were all benefited, he also introduced cricket awareness program....

Nepal Slip cordon ready for yet another Bhutanese wicktes(First Emerging Nation Trophy )

A New level of cricket was set by the time Baba Sourjah tenure ended in July and a complete set of National Players were made by then. Bhutan yet again were invited to participate in the Second Emerging Nation Trophy to be held in Nepal in September 2003, Bhutan couldn’t perform well and due to monsoon season, Bhutan and Nepal Match was a draw as rain abandon it, Bhutan lost to Maldives for second time and yet again Nepal after defeating Maldives lifted the Trophy for second in row making them one of the strongest Associate team in the Asian region. Bhutan cricket team came home in disappointment but with full will and determined this time.

As the cricket playing numbers increased drastically amongst kids and student, more and more kids played cricket in the country be it in gully area, park or road side.

With the emergence of cricket, Asian Cricket Council became clear that without knowing rules and regulation cricket game would lose its charm, so ACC sent umpire resource person to organize umpiring course in Bhutan, Former International umpire, peter manual, K.T Francis and Prasady conducted as many as 5 umpiring courses in Bhutan during 2003-2005. All cricket interested participated in the course and most being student and senior players. The course benefited the cricketer and cricket lovers such as Dorji, Chencho Dorji, Phuntsho Wangdi, Manoj Adhikari who were accredited with ACC level two umpiring certificate and apparently Dorji and Phuntsho wandgi officiated Asian Cricket Council International Matches for Under-15 and Under-17 Respectively.

Asian Cricket Council Development Officer Rumesh Ratnayake Watches The Coaching Session

Tribhuvan University Stadium where Emerging nation Trophy Was held in Nepal

Cricket Basic Coaching Camp Held in Thimphu for Juniors Level

Coach Baba Mazhir Sourjah does Video Analysis of each Batsmen

Thimphu Cricket Enthusiastic having fun with Coach Baba Mazhir Sourjah, the Foreign Coach of Bhutan

Bhutan Senior Player in Training Camp Prior to Second Emerging Nation Trophy in Nepal (Just a Glance at the training field, :-) )

Bhutan Tandin Wangchuk bowls against Nepal in Emerging Nation Trophy held in Nepal

Nepal cricket Players, lead by captain Raju Khadka(White Hat) won the Emerging Nation for second consecutive years

To Be Continued.....


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bhutan Cricket Match Videos

I don't Know if anyone is interested in watching how Bhutanese People play cricket in Bhutan. I got this clip today when the under-15 Bhutan National Players and Under-19 National Players played friendly match today in Changlimithang Cricket ground. Check it out!!!


Bhutanese Cricketer Showing Football Skills

This is my First Time using YouTube, I just got this video of Young Bhutanese Cricketer who were on Gym session in Youth Center in Swimming Pool Complex. The boys happened to reach there early and had to wait for while and in mean time, someone got a football.