Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Losar to All of You!!

Hello Everyone, I just would like to wish all of you a "HAPPY LOSAR", Bhutan New year Begin tomorrow with Female Hog ruling for one year. May this New Year Bring you and all of your family happiness and success. Happy Losar and Tashi Delek.

As The Cricket Players celebrates the New year with the family and friends, players would be dressed in best clothing. The Losar will last for two days, all the families members gather together and will have fun through out the day. All of you guys also have fun while i do too!!! :-)

In the remote part of Bhutan,The day begins with a traditional breakfast and initiation ceremonies, after which the alcohol starts to flow. As competitors prepare to hit the target, made of colourfully painted wood, the opposing team indulges in diversionary games. They whisper obscenities in ears and, more daringly, dance about in front of the target. Meanwhile, the women sing to encourage their team and jeer to discourage the other.

Happy New Year and Tashi Delek.


Homer said...

Happy LOSAR Ugyen.. May you have a wonderful year ahead!!!

KC said...

Losar Tashi Delek! Ugyen.
And may this year bring the Bhutanese cricket teams many many many Golden trophies. :-))

Mac said...

Hi Ugyen,

Happy Losar to you and all your family members.
I m so glad you put up such a great webblog, its awesome.

Wishing you all a very happy and Prosperous New Year.