Monday, February 19, 2007

Long Live Our King!! His Majesty 27th Birth Anniversary

"On the Most Joyous Occasion of the
27th birth Anniversary of His Majesty The druk Gyalpo
Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk
we offer our prayers to the alimighty for his Majesty's good health, long life and everlasting peace and prosperity of the people of Bhutan under his Majesty's Benevolent Guidance"
Tashi Delek

As My cricket updates withheld for a while, lot of holiday and important things are happening in Bhutan, The Losar or new yar for us was a great and this wedenesday 21st february, we have 27th Birth Anniversary of Fith King His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

His Majesty is so popular amongst the Thai Ladies that they address His Majesty as Prince of Charming during...His Majesty , the then Cown Pince represented His Mjesty the fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuk to join the 25 countries around the world to pay tribute to His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand on the occassion of the 60 years on the Throne.

Tashi delek.


Linda Muliana said...

how are you today?? doing the cricket again?? hehehe..
my grandma is out of the hospital today :) very happy to hear it. i love her so much even i didnt spent a lot of time for the past years with her but she took care of me since i was a baby til i was 11 yrs old. anyway i have to wish you happy new year, sorry i didnt know that you're buddhist :)
im very very busy today, but less stress, my work is going well, but i lost one of my employee..he passed away yesterday, 45 yrs old, heart attack..just couldn't believe it. i still saw him on monday, he came with his family to wish us happy new year and he died the next day. im sad and afraid to think about it. you will never know what will happen in your life even in the next a few second, anything can happen.
anyway, who is she?? never tell me about "her" in all your msg to me...

KC said...

oh! I feel like I'm intruding on something here.*grin*
Just wanted to tell Ugyen that i hope he has a lovely national holiday. And since it is brand new, started this year, right? That his Majesty's reign will last long and be very prosperous for the nation. :-))

ugyen said...

KC, Thanks for the comment, well indeed it's new era, lucky to be citizen of bhutan!! Nothing fishy here though!!

Linda Muliana said...

Hi Ugyen..
Good Morning..have another holiday again today?? Wish you have a nice day and have a lovely celebration of your king's birthday..but he is soo young to be a king :)
Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog..i still remember the video that i promised you..i didnt take the file from my friend yet..
take care ugyen, talk to you later

cineylens said...

hey, have been away for a while. just popped in to see what's happening with my fellow bloggers. glad everything is good, great! um, i missed on so many things, it seems. will try to catch up if i do not lose myself again, which is bound to happen for a couple of days...hehe...anyway, belated b'day to our beloved king and keep blogging...

Linda Muliana said...

Hi Ugyen..
how are you today? I hope that you have a wonderful weekend..sorry about the chat the other night..hehehe..i was really afraid because of the crazy lunatic guy keep calling me everyday for the last few days..
anyway..hope to hear from you again soon..till then..take care
warm regards,

KC said...

Oh dang! Every time i pop in to say "Hello" I seem to be behind Linda. *LOL*

Just wanted to ask you, so how was the holiday? Did they have a public function? How was the weather?

Do you have an email?