Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bhutan Cricket History Part II

After Bhutan became the member of Asian cricket Council in 2001, a year later Rumesh Ratnayake who was the Country Development Officer of the Asian Cricket Council visited Bhutan for Country Assignment, his visit was warmly greeted by Bhutan Cricket President Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk and Board Member, His visit brought light to the cricket as Asian Cricket Council began funding Bhutan Cricket Association in the head of Coaching Department, Ground Development, Cricket Equipment, Fitness Equipment, Ground Equipment.

The First recorded Domestic Cricket was played in 2001 in Thimphu where there were few clubs participating in it including Indian Embassy and IMTRAT team from Thimphu and Haa district participated as well as Hindustan Group from Gedu too.

By then Bhutan Cricket Association had constructed four concrete cricket pitch in Thimphu Cricket Ground, royal Institute of Health Science and Yangchenphu Higher Secondary School, cricket equipment, Fitness equipment were purchased off which many were distributed to various district, Institute and School.

Bhutan Cricket Presdient and Vice-President with First Two Foreign Coaches of Bhutan

Coach Osheade and Jayanta with the kids of Phuntsholing District in South

Cricket Coaching in south and Coach Osheade Demonstrate the Batting Technique

Cricket begin to grow in numbers, with the invitation from Asian Cricket Council to Participate in the Emerging Nation Trophy (ENT) to be held in Nepal in March 2003, Two Foreign Coaches from Sri Lanka, Mr Oshadee and Mr Jayanta were sent to prepare Bhutan for the first ever International tournament, Both the Coach worked very hard to bring up Senior National Team and a good opening batsmen for the Bhutan. Bhutan participate in the ENT where Nepal and Maldives were other Countries participating. The Historic Bhutan First National Team are:

Bhutan First National Cricket Team

  1. Damber Singh Gururng (Captain)
  2. Tshering Dorji (Vice-Capatain)
  3. Tandin Wangchuk (Offie)
  4. Tandin Wangchuk (Tuffy)
  5. Tshering Dorji (Phama)
  6. Phuntsho Wangdi
  7. Tshering Tashi
  8. Sanjog Chhetri
  9. Manoj Adhikari
  10. Bikash Sharma Luitel
  11. Lobzang Yonten
  12. Barun Wakhley
  13. Dorji Dakpa
  14. Pelyang Dorj
Bhutan were thrashed by Nepal in the opening match when they set a massive target of 300+ runs on the board and bowled out Bhutan for 44 runs. Bhutan lost to Maldives as well and was out of the Tournament, Nepal won the Cup. The Tour was a good exposure for the young Bhutanese team participating in the First international Match.

Bhutan Vs Nepal (First International Match for Bhutan Played in, Kathmandu, Nepal)

Bhutan Score read at the end of the Match Against Nepal
To Be Continued ...


Monday, January 29, 2007

Bhutan Telecom Crown Champion of Twenty20

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The Final of Bhutan Cricket Twenty20 Concludes yesterday after the battle for the Champion lasted for nearly 3 hours in the Changlimithang Cricket ground which hosted all the Twenty20 Tournament. Bhutan Telecom and Friend's United share the same unity amongst the team members as both the team seems equally poised in terms of Batting and Bowling, But Bhutan Telecom Skipper Dorji had another plan for the Final and it proved to be a miracle as his side grasp hold of Friend's united Batting line up with Excellent Field Placement and Change in Bowling.

Friend's United might be wondering why the cup has slipped from their hand, yes of course Friend's United the Champion of the Zimdra Vanaspati cup and the favorites of the Tournament had themselves to blame for the runner's up trophy. Their Bowlers conceding way to many extras which literally took the match away from them, they should have learn form the previous matches, and it's not that they can't come up, indeed they are mature enough to correct their mistake. And Kudos to Bhutan Telecom for their excellent team spirit and unity showed both on and off the filed, their players Tashi, Jigme Singye, Supprit and Thinley Tenzin did wonder for the team and are great asset for the team in future.

The tournament did brought some lights to the Bhutan cricket as the crowd now seems to understand the basic rules of the cricket game and keen in watching the match. With the commentary box and commentator equally giving fun stuff about the cricket and the Match states along with rules, the crowd loves watching as their ears get with full commentator flares.
The Final Match saw Bhutan Olympic Committee Joint Secretary, Mr Youten Tharchen as the chief guest and he was impressed with the success of the Bhutan cricket Endeavor. His presence was well felt by all the players and crowd. Apparently girls and ladies did enjoyed the Tournament as few of their boy friend were playing and performing well, the likes of Tashi and Thinley Tenzin , Their name are chanted every times they are at striker end or bowling. A great Final at the end with Bhutan Broadcasting Service media team taking the match clip and Interview for a Cricket Show later this week

Lobzang Yonten Being Interview by Bhutan Broadcasting Corporation

Friend's United Ugyen Dorji on Hips don't lie

Friend's United Kencho Tshering have a words with Ugyen Dorji

Old Man Just Loves Watching the Cricket as he keep on chanting prayers

Cricket Players Girl friend watch anxiously as their Hero's Bats

Match Referee Manoj Adhikari in center with Umpires Lobzang Yonten and Nima Sherpa

Bhutan Telecom Supprit Receives Man of the Match Award from Chief Guest Younten Tharchen

Group Photo Winner and runner's up with Chief Guest Younten Tharchen

Bhutan Telecom Skipper sitting on left cheers the batsmen with team mates

Chief Guest Younten Tharchen with Bhutan Cricket Official Ugyen Tenzin and Jigme N Norbu

Runner's Up Friend's United

Friend's United Ugyen Tenzin(Zulu) Hits hard

Friend's United Jigme N Norbu Smiles as his Appeal is Turn Down By Umpire as Wicket keeper Thinley W Dorje and Slip Cordon Tshering Tashi looks on


Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Final showdown between Friend's United and Bhutan Telecom

Finally the Bhutan Cricket Twenty20 tournament final will be played tomorrow At Thimphu Cricket Ground between Friend's United and Bhutan Telecom Clubs, preparation for the final has been done with few arrangement of commentary box and other small left at the moment. The Snacks for the Final will be sponsored by Honorary Treasurer Ugyen Tenzin.

Bhutan Olympic Committee Join Secretary Mr Yonten Tharchen will be the chief guest along with other Board Members who were apparently all playing from Friend's United Club. The Final will be an exciting Match as both the team are equally poised. The Match will start from 10:30 Am in the Morning and will last for 3 hours.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Bhutan Cricket History

Cricket in Bhutan is started by a group of friend's, when cricket was introduced in Bhutan,The President His Excellency Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk, the Prime Ministry of Bhutan. Vice-President Dasho Ugen Tshechup Dorje the chairman of singye group of companies, Honorary Treasure Mr Ugyen Tenzin, Honorary Executive Member Tshering Tashi, Chief Executive Officer Mr Jigme Namgyel Norbu, Honorary Executive member Christopher Faris, Dasho Thinley Wangchuk Dorje the Deputy Managing Director of Bhutan Tourism Corporation Limited and, Mr Damber Singh Gurung the assistant Coach and...lot's more were the first and foremost people who brought the live game of cricket in Drukyul, the Thunder Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan,Their Contribution to Bhutan Cricket is immense and a kids or cricketer of the current and next generation and present generation would be proud with them.

The First Time Cricket tournament was played in 2000 and at that time, i was studying in 12th standard, i have been an passionate for the Cricket after watching 1999 world cups where my hero stand India Rahul Dravid, i continued my passion when i was in 11th and 12th standard where i have a friend's who is as passionate like me. We used to Bunk from School and take the hand made bat and few student would join with us. It was Fun and yeah cricket is fun and exciting at times.

When Cricket was introduced for First Time in Bhutan, the so called the founder named as Bhutan Cricket Association and it begin to function as the sole Governing Body of Cricket in Bhutan. With the Acceptance of Associate Members of Asian Cricket Council in 2001 and International Cricket Council Affiliate members, Bhutan Cricket Association received cricket equipments from Asian Cricket Council as Donation and all the equipment were from Pakistan when the Asian cricket Council Base Office was in rotation Basis, It was during 2003 that Asian cricket Council Headquarter to be permanently located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To Be Continued.....


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cricket an All Round Game

I was just wondering about the youths of Bhutan who some were born talent, some achieve talent and some are dumb, i wasn't quite sure why the youths of Bhutan have to suffer while using the narcotic and others drugs substance to feel the warmth within themselves. They can actually do lot's and to minimize drug free , someone or other should take up something which is good for their health, be into games or sports.

If you are into a sports or games, you tend to forget all the bad stuff that is around and learn many things. I take the example of a cricketer, being a Bhutanese, cricket has come to this Beautiful country just couples of years ago and it has attracted lot's of young kids and youth, indeed these kids are so dedicated to the cricket that at one time, you have to drive them to the ground as they are informed coaching session or match practice at 10 Am in morning, the moment you goes to office at 9 Am, kids would be waiting in the door to carry the cricket equipments and are ready to go for the Coaching session or Match Days.

That's the spirit of young enthusiastic cricketer of Bhutan at Present and they are more into cricket than into drugs!! Good one mate!!, as an youth, we should have sense of responsibility, be prepared to do the things and help other. First and foremost things, to avoid using drugs.
I take another example,recently Bhutan cricket Introduced twenty20 Tournament in the Capital city of Thimphu, there wer large numbers of Crowd watching the match and 80 % are kids or youth, they have the zest for cricket.

The under-15 Bhutan National Squad which were runner's up in the ACC U-15 Challenge cup 2006 held in Thailand, Most of them were signed by Druk11 Club Chairman Ashis Chhetri, he as an veteran when the cricket started for the first time in Bhutan. He is experienced campaigner and had been involved with the Bhutan Cricket Council Board Tournament Till date, last time when i interview him prior to the start of the Twenty20 Tournament, he rightly said that he got all the under-15 players into his team and want them to lead the club later when he retires.

When his team were knocked out in the group stages, these young under-15 players are still not satisfied, they still want to be part of the winning team, yeas indeed they are winners and they all deserved applauds, their presence in the Commentary Box and scoreboards were brilliant, they doesn't want to miss the Cricket, and yea, they really don't want to miss it!! so when few of them took the Commentary and few as Scorer, they as an cricketer knows the value of the Game,Cricket is not only Batting and Bowling, anyone can do it if i am not mistaken, there are other things which someone as an cricketer love to do and it gives them an complete package of Cricket Game and It's Rightly the Game of all round.
The Kids just loves cricket.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Friend's United to Clash Bhutan Telecom in Final

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The week had been a real tough for me, with illness and work, life really become tough for me, the long fever and cold really got into my weak body and still it cramps me a lot. Nevertheless i always make my point to write down something and indeed it's all cricket and yeah Bhutan cricket. The tournament is just awesome with some scintillating match and lots more. Just to recap what happened in the group stage, Kanglung Hiflier top the group A after a comfortable victory from Young Drupchu11, Bhutan Telecom on other hand were undefeated until the sunday Final and are the Top of Group B, Youth11 and Friend's United were second on the Group A and B Respectively.

The 1st Semi Final between Group A winners Kanglung Hiflier and group B Second place Friend's United played yesterday Morning and Group B winner Bhutan Telecom played against Group A Second place Youth11.

Semi Final Match Summary

The Semi Final berth between Friend's United and Kanglung Hiflier saw some exciting cricket as Friend's United were put to bat first by Kanglung Hiflier Skipper Lobzang Younten, Tshering Dorji and Tshering Tashi 100 runs opening stand saw some beautiful shots, later in the end of the match, Former Bhutan Cricket Secretary Tshering Tashi smashed injured Skipper for 14 runs , hitting two fours. Friend's United made 151 runs at the end.
Kanglung Hiflier run chase has not been good as both the opener were removed cheaply by Friend's United Opening bowler Tenzin and Ugyen dorji. Monaj Played brilliantly but with no support from other end, he couldn't steer his team to home as he was caught late in the end of the innings. Kanglung Hiflier were all out for 111 runs and Friend's United win by 40 runs.

The other Semi final between Bhutan Telecom and Youth11 saw the charm of real Twenty20 Match as a Nail biting finish for Bhutan Telecom at the end saw dejected Youth11 players walks off the field head down. Bhutan Telecom after winning the toss elected to bat first in the cold weather condition, Tashi played brilliantly for 32 runs, with beautiful shots all over the park and shiva and supprit contributing for the team. Bhutan Telecom made 148 runs at the end of their innings.
Youth11 openers couldn't do much damage early on as wicket feel which gave Bhutan Telecom an uper hand in the innings. Subash of Youth11 played quite well for 32 runs which nearly steer his team to home. As the last over commenced with youth11 requiring another 18 runs from 6 balls, shiva with all nervousness could just effort to bowl wides after wides when at one time two fours for youth11 would be enough for a famous victory at the end. Shiva with that extras brought down runs required just for 7, skipper Dorji couldn't believe as he put his hands on the head. At last Shiva just gave away two singles to give Bhutan Telecom a win.

The Final will be played between Bhutan Telecom and Friend's United on 28th January 2007.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sunday Twenty20 Match Preview

Hello Everyone, a warm welcome to all my valuable readers, before i start the actual post, i would like to seek forgiveness for not able to update the Sunday Match reports at the earliest, i was pretty much busy updating scorecard of the Teams played on 13th and 14th January. The day is really cold, indeed I was hoping for a snow covered up the Capital City, Thimphu, but the snow which shower yesterday evening lasted for just for few hours.

Let me brief about the Sunday Twenty20 Match which was played in Thimphu cricket Ground, there are records in the day as Bhutan telecom Thinley Tenzin becames the first bowler to take hat-trick in the Tournament against Druk11 and Monaj Adhikari of Kanglung Hiflier to hit half Century, Both these players have been the assest for the Bhutan cricket as they have represented Bhutan in the International Scene, Monaj Adhikari with his brilliant Bowling during ACC U-17 Trophy held in Chennai in early 2004 was selected in the Asia Under-17 Team which Tour Banglore. On other hand Thinley Tenzin represented Bhutan in ACC U-17 Trophy held in Kuala Lumpur, in 2006.

The Morning Match was between Kanglung Hiflier from Eastern Bhutan and Youth11 saw some exciting cricket being played where the Spectator and the Commentator Kencho Tshering were on the toes when Youth11 After losing the Toss were put to bat First by Kanglung Hiflier Skipper Lobzang Younten, Youth 11 were in trouble in the Beginning but Ganga Rescued the Team for a comprative total in the End. Youth11 were all out for 124 runs, with Lobzang and Ugyen Tsheten sharing 4 wickets each.

Kanglung Hiflier started well in the beginning but Ganga break through in 3rd over put them in back foot but Monaj Adhikari steady start in the beginning and as runs were flowing over after overs, Youth11 bowler couldn't maintain line and length through out the match except for Ganga, Skipper Uttam re group his bowler and when the Kanglung Hiflier were moving nicely, wickets at other end seems to bother Monaj Adhikari at non striker end, the suitation became tense at the end of the match as runs flow were restricted by the youth11, 5 runs needed from 6 balls, Kanglung Hiflier dressing room were in the edged as well as the Spectator. Tashi Tshering hits the winning runs at the end with two wides conceded, kanglung Hiflier won a tense match at the end. Click here for Full Scorecard

The Afternoon Match saw somewhat replay of the Morning Match at one stages before Thinley Tenzin brilliant Bowling and hat-trick to wrap up the Druk11 Innings for 100 runs, Bhutan Telecom Skipper did not hesitate to Bat first after winning toss, The opening batsmen tashi and Jigme Singye started well in the beginnings when Tashi was Send back to Pavilion which brought Bhutan Telecom Skipper Dorji in the center, Jigme Singye played some beautiful shot of the back foot to dispatch the balls around mid wicket before he was caught behind. Dorji did played well with few beautiful cover drive and back foot cuts around third man area. Bhutan telecom made 120 runs at the End, Ashish the peak Bowler for Druk11.

Druk11 Opener did excatly what doctor advice them when Sanjevan took full charges and start hitting all over the park, his 16 runs entertained the crowd for while and Commentator Kencho Tshering in full praise for him. After the departs of both the openers, Chirac Chhetri and Anand played sensible leaving wides balls which gave them two runs, at one stage extras runs by Bhutan telecom Bowlers gave Druk11 the runs, Dorji Introuduce himself and Jigme singye the Lanky Spinner and Under-15 Bhutan National Cricket Team, Ahsish sent a spark of hope for the Druk11 when he attack spinners, as things was going well for them, a brilliant stumping from Wicketkeeper Tashi shattered their hopes.

Thinley Tenzin who was brutally attack in the first over came back strong in the second overs when he took hat trick in his 5th ball to wrap up the Druk11 Innings and gave Bhutan Telecom 21 runs victory, Jubilant Bhutan telecom celebrates his hat trick by tossing him up in the air, Later on when i Interview him he was so happy that he could only utter"I am so happy for getting hat trick, and most important, that my team won the Match"
Click Here for full scorecard.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Clearance of Cricket Goods from Paro Airport

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The Latest News from Thimphu at the time of writing this post, a drizzling of snowfall at the moment, seems like Thimphu is going to be covered by snow if it keeps falling. The Much Awaited Snow for more than years.

The day for me is interesting though my neck still in pain of the last Saturday match, it all started with late night SMS from My boss(Official) Mr Jigme N Norbu, from Thailand, he was there for sports and fitness course, the Message read "Is it possible for u to come to Paro with exemption letters, will get the cricket goods", actually he is referring to the Cricket Goods donated by Asian cricket Council for the Development of Junior Cricket in the Country, Asian Cricket Being the Governing Body of Asia Region.

The Cricket Goods has come to Paro Airport as Cargo and it's been lying there for almost two weeks as i have been processing the Exemption Certificate from the Ministry of Revenue and Custom, The Cricket Goods was all packed in the Cartoon and have 23 Cartoon totaling 552 kgs.

I got up early Morning, took shower, eat breakfast as i have to take a drive to Paro which is 1 hour drive from Capital City Thimphu. As i was walking in the office i had a plan and my mind insist on not taking my donkey (Bike) , then a lightening idea struck in my empty head, how about taking lift from someone who is going to Paro Airport to Pick his brother whom they are on the same plane. As i was lucky to get lift, the paro airport seems quite packed with Tours Operator Buses and Guides waiting for their clients, there were many other Bhutanese family waiting for their relatives.

I got into the Cargo Office and after getting all the documents submitted, they let go out our office Cricket Goods from the Cargo, i was lucky to be helped by one of the staffs, as each cartoon weighing 24kgs and massive 23 cartoons. The cartoons were all loaded into Taxis as i opted to go with the Same person whom i came along from Thimphu. The taxis has come to Thimphu at 4 pm in Afternoon as the skies was over casted for a likely snow fall.

Yet Another problem, there aren't any players around office surrounds, i had to look someone urgently to get the Goods carried third floor of the Building, or My neck would and shoulder would be in wreck further causing trouble. Luck seems to follow me as i looked around into the cricket ground hoping some players would be practicing, indeed i got few players, seek their help, i turned my way to office when my cell starts ringing, and it was from the Taxis drivers and inform me that the they are just miles away from our office. within few minutes the taxis has come and i got my purse ready for the hire charges, It cost me 800 Nu(Currency Name) per Taxi. the boys have done it again and my neck and shoulder got something to be least bother.

A Moment before this post, i have written two Post for my Office Website, It's about the Match Reports of Yesterday Twenty20 Tournament. Poor me again, my hands are freezing with cold and i can't move my hands around the keyboard, this is to blame self as last time i blew up the Blower due to power flucation, a half way through my post, my cousin brother studying in Royal Institute of Health and Science has come to see me and to to my place.

For All my Valuable readers, wish Thimphu " Happy Snowfall "... hahah..just kidding.

Tashi Delek


Sunday, January 14, 2007

A preview of The Saturday Twenty20 Match and it's Preparation

As I am Favor by the Cricket and it's has been my favorite sports, I have been assign to update Bhutan cricket website and i opted to turn down this blog into my cricketing view. All the Match details and Match reports about Bhutan Cricket will be updated in the Bhutan Cricket Website and i go here with my cricket views. It's pretty tired though, but working with Bhutan cricket Council Board is such a fun, the richness of help by my colleagues and by the Board Members, the much waited Twenty20 Cricket Tournament in Bhutan Started with a big buzz in the Changlimithang Cricket Ground yesterday as being the chief coordinator of the Tournament, life is hectic in arranging all sort for a successful tournament.

There were changes in the scenario as i got the music system for the first time with live commentary, every two's, fours, and six runs scored by Batsmen and Wickets claimed by Bowlers were buzzed by a short music, The crowd was good too, though much of the Bhutanese are not into Cricket as it's new games which is gaining it's popularity. The success of Under-15 Bhutanese Cricket Team in the recently concluded ACC U-15 Challenge cup 2006, held in Thailand send a waves of Cricket all around the Country.

As usual, the morning and evening work load had to be the toughest as the freezing weather of Thimphu merges into the Bone and makes it unmovable, huge two speakers along with equalizer and other Commentary Stuff had to be carried down from the Office to the Ground and Back in the Evening. The Voluntary service rendered by few senior players and Under-15 Players is immense.

The opening match saw a small formal ceremony in the ground where Mr Ugyen Tenzin, The Honorable Treasurer of Bhutan Cricket Council Board graced the occasion being the Chief Guest, the ceremony was just simple were the chief guest briefing the players about the Beautiful game of Cricket and It's Popularity amongst the Bhutanese Youth, the ceremony lasted for 10 minutes or so where chief guest opened with a wild swing of the bat.

For the first time, Captains of the Both the team were interview after the toss about the plans and strategy of the match. A post Match Interview was also done for the interest of the Crowd and the Players.The First match between Youth11 and Drupchu 11 who came all the way from Phuntsholing saw some Brilliant Fielding and Bowling from both the team. Youth11 wining by Comfortably at the end.

The Commentary Team comprise of Mr Kencho Tshering of Friend's united, Mr Tshering Dorji of Friend United as well, Mr Monaj Adhikari of Kanglung Hiflier and Myself, apparently Daniel opted to be DJ and carried out the Music system, a non comparable with that of an Saturday Night Party DJ.There were much cheers as the Commentary Team gave mind blowing and interesting commentary during the course of the Matches which attracted a huge numbers of spectator. Players were Introduced when they came on the filed and as well as Bowler bowling from the End.

The Afternoon Match between Veteran's Friend's United and Young Legs of Druk11 saw blistering shot from Friend's United Opening Batsmen in Tshering Tashi and Tshering Dorji. The Match turned out to be an interesting in the course of Druk 11 run chase of 137 poised by Friend's United. With Friend's Bowler conceding way too many wides and the breeze blowing from Archery End causing some chillioutness amongst Friend's United Players, the match ended with Friend's United winning by 71 runs.

At the End of the day, a tired body let no where to go but to get a good sleep, and come back early morning for yet another Exciting Cricket match.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bhutan Twenty20

Bhutan cricket to Introduce Twenty20 Cricket Tournament. Six Team are participating in the First ever Twenty20 cup oranized by Bhutan cricket, two new team from different district of the country are also participating with Kanglung Hi filer from Eastern Bhutan and Drupchu 11 from Phuntsholing District, rest 4 teams are from Thimphu (Friend's United, Druk 11, Youth11, Bhutan telecom) The Tournament is scheduled to start from the 13th January 2007, two Matches will be played daily on saturday and sunday, the final will be played on 27th January 2007. All the Matches will be Played in the Thimphu Cricket ground. The Team are divided into two groups where each team will play against each other and top two teams goes into semi final.
click here to download twenty20 rules.
The Fixture are as follows:

Drupchu 11
Youth 11
Kanglung Hiflier
Druk 11
Friend's united
Bhutan Telecom

13th January : Drupchu 11 Vs Youth11 (Morning)

Druk 11 Vs Friend's United (Afternoon)

14th January: Youth 11 Vs Kanglung Hiflier(Morning)
Druk 11 Vs Bhutan Telecom (Afternoon)

20th January: Drupchu 11 Vs Kanglung Hiflier (Morning)
Friend's United Vs Bhutan Telecom(Afternoon)

21st January : 1st Semi Final:
Group A Winner Vs Group B Runners Up (Morning)
2nd Semi Final:
Group B Winner Vs Group A Runners's Up (afternoon)

27th January 2007: Final
Winner of 1st Semi Final Vs Winner of 2nd Semi Final


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Under-15 National Players

Name: Jigme Singye (Captain)
Date of Birth:18th September 1992
Right hand Batsmen
Right arm slow
Debut: 12/08/2006
Match Appearance:
Total Runs:
97, Highest Score 45 (Maldives)
Wickets: 11 Wickets, best Figure 5-11 (Thailand)
Career Highlights: Twice Man of the Match Against Maldives (Group Stage) and Thailand(Semi Final) (ACC U-15 Challenge Cup, 2006)

Name: Kencho Norbu (Vice-Captain)
Date of Birth: 17th September 1992
Right hand Batsmen/wicketkeeper
Debut: 09/02/2006
Match Appearance: 6
Total Runs: 44, Highest Score 22 (Qatar)
Career Highlights

Name: Sanjeevan Gurung
Date of Birth: 7th November 1992
Right hand Batsmen
Debut: 14/12/2006
Match Appearance: 6
Total Runs: 66, Highest Score: 25 (Thailand)
Career Highlights

Name: Anand Chhetri
Date of Birth: 17th November 1991
Right hand Batsmen
Right arm slow
Debut: 14/12/2006
Match Appearance: 6
Total Runs: 46, Highest Score: 18 (Maldives, Thailand)
Wickets : 4 , Best Figure 3-18 (Maldives)
Career Highlights

Name: Kinley Wangchuk
Date of Birth:
Right hand Batsmen
Debut: 14/12/2006
Match Appearance: 6
Total Runs: 14
Career Highlights

Name: Thinley Jamtsho
Date of Birth: 15th March 1992
Right hand Batsmen
Right hand Medium Pace
Debut: 12/08/2006
Match Appearance:
Total Runs: 70, Highest Score: 30 (Thailand)
Wickets: 5, Best Figure: 3-20 (Oman)
Career Highlights

Name: Dilip Kumar Subba
Date of Birth: 29th December 1992
Right hand Medium Pace
Right hand Batsmen
Debut: 15/12/2006
Match Appearance: 5
Total Runs: 19
Wickets: 6, best Figure : 3-12(Oman)
Career Highlights

Name: Lakshmi Prasad Kami
Date of Birth: 18th October 1991
Right hand Medium Pace
Right hand Batsmen
Debut: 14/12/2006
Match Appearance: 6
Total Runs: 17
Wickets : 14, Best Figure: 5-0 (Brunei)
Career Highlights : Man of the Match Against Brunei for his brilliant Bowling

Name: Pema Thinley
Date of Birth: 28th December 1992
Right hand Medium Pace
Right hand Batsmen
Debut: 14/12/2006
Match Appearance: 6
Total Runs: 5
Wickets: 5, Best Figure 3-48 (Qatar)
Career Highlights

Name: Bishnu Prasad Timshina
Date of Birth: 19th May 1992
Right hand Batsmen
Debut: 14/12/2006
Match Appearance: 4
Total Runs: 16
Career Highlights

Name: Nar Bahadur Burathoki Mongar
Date of Birth: 3rd June 1992
Right hand Medium Pace
Right hand Batsmen
Debut: 14/12/2006
Match Appearance: 5
Total Runs: 16
Wickets: 3
Career Highlights

Name: Dechen Wangchuk
Date of Birth: 3rd August 1993
Right hand Medium Pace
Right hand Batsmen
Debut: 14/12/2006
Match Appearance: 3
Total Runs: 8
Career Highlights

Name: Kencho Namgay
Date of Birth: 8th October 1992
Right hand Batsmen/Wicketkeeper
Debut: -
Match Appearance: -
Total Runs: -
Career Highlights

Name: Damber Singh Gurung
Date of Birth: 06/03/1980
Coach: ACC level II Accredited, High Performance

Name: Jigme N Norbu
Team manager

Name: Dorji
Level II Umpiring Scheme, ACC Level II