Monday, January 15, 2007

Clearance of Cricket Goods from Paro Airport

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The Latest News from Thimphu at the time of writing this post, a drizzling of snowfall at the moment, seems like Thimphu is going to be covered by snow if it keeps falling. The Much Awaited Snow for more than years.

The day for me is interesting though my neck still in pain of the last Saturday match, it all started with late night SMS from My boss(Official) Mr Jigme N Norbu, from Thailand, he was there for sports and fitness course, the Message read "Is it possible for u to come to Paro with exemption letters, will get the cricket goods", actually he is referring to the Cricket Goods donated by Asian cricket Council for the Development of Junior Cricket in the Country, Asian Cricket Being the Governing Body of Asia Region.

The Cricket Goods has come to Paro Airport as Cargo and it's been lying there for almost two weeks as i have been processing the Exemption Certificate from the Ministry of Revenue and Custom, The Cricket Goods was all packed in the Cartoon and have 23 Cartoon totaling 552 kgs.

I got up early Morning, took shower, eat breakfast as i have to take a drive to Paro which is 1 hour drive from Capital City Thimphu. As i was walking in the office i had a plan and my mind insist on not taking my donkey (Bike) , then a lightening idea struck in my empty head, how about taking lift from someone who is going to Paro Airport to Pick his brother whom they are on the same plane. As i was lucky to get lift, the paro airport seems quite packed with Tours Operator Buses and Guides waiting for their clients, there were many other Bhutanese family waiting for their relatives.

I got into the Cargo Office and after getting all the documents submitted, they let go out our office Cricket Goods from the Cargo, i was lucky to be helped by one of the staffs, as each cartoon weighing 24kgs and massive 23 cartoons. The cartoons were all loaded into Taxis as i opted to go with the Same person whom i came along from Thimphu. The taxis has come to Thimphu at 4 pm in Afternoon as the skies was over casted for a likely snow fall.

Yet Another problem, there aren't any players around office surrounds, i had to look someone urgently to get the Goods carried third floor of the Building, or My neck would and shoulder would be in wreck further causing trouble. Luck seems to follow me as i looked around into the cricket ground hoping some players would be practicing, indeed i got few players, seek their help, i turned my way to office when my cell starts ringing, and it was from the Taxis drivers and inform me that the they are just miles away from our office. within few minutes the taxis has come and i got my purse ready for the hire charges, It cost me 800 Nu(Currency Name) per Taxi. the boys have done it again and my neck and shoulder got something to be least bother.

A Moment before this post, i have written two Post for my Office Website, It's about the Match Reports of Yesterday Twenty20 Tournament. Poor me again, my hands are freezing with cold and i can't move my hands around the keyboard, this is to blame self as last time i blew up the Blower due to power flucation, a half way through my post, my cousin brother studying in Royal Institute of Health and Science has come to see me and to to my place.

For All my Valuable readers, wish Thimphu " Happy Snowfall "... hahah..just kidding.

Tashi Delek

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