Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sunday Twenty20 Match Preview

Hello Everyone, a warm welcome to all my valuable readers, before i start the actual post, i would like to seek forgiveness for not able to update the Sunday Match reports at the earliest, i was pretty much busy updating scorecard of the Teams played on 13th and 14th January. The day is really cold, indeed I was hoping for a snow covered up the Capital City, Thimphu, but the snow which shower yesterday evening lasted for just for few hours.

Let me brief about the Sunday Twenty20 Match which was played in Thimphu cricket Ground, there are records in the day as Bhutan telecom Thinley Tenzin becames the first bowler to take hat-trick in the Tournament against Druk11 and Monaj Adhikari of Kanglung Hiflier to hit half Century, Both these players have been the assest for the Bhutan cricket as they have represented Bhutan in the International Scene, Monaj Adhikari with his brilliant Bowling during ACC U-17 Trophy held in Chennai in early 2004 was selected in the Asia Under-17 Team which Tour Banglore. On other hand Thinley Tenzin represented Bhutan in ACC U-17 Trophy held in Kuala Lumpur, in 2006.

The Morning Match was between Kanglung Hiflier from Eastern Bhutan and Youth11 saw some exciting cricket being played where the Spectator and the Commentator Kencho Tshering were on the toes when Youth11 After losing the Toss were put to bat First by Kanglung Hiflier Skipper Lobzang Younten, Youth 11 were in trouble in the Beginning but Ganga Rescued the Team for a comprative total in the End. Youth11 were all out for 124 runs, with Lobzang and Ugyen Tsheten sharing 4 wickets each.

Kanglung Hiflier started well in the beginning but Ganga break through in 3rd over put them in back foot but Monaj Adhikari steady start in the beginning and as runs were flowing over after overs, Youth11 bowler couldn't maintain line and length through out the match except for Ganga, Skipper Uttam re group his bowler and when the Kanglung Hiflier were moving nicely, wickets at other end seems to bother Monaj Adhikari at non striker end, the suitation became tense at the end of the match as runs flow were restricted by the youth11, 5 runs needed from 6 balls, Kanglung Hiflier dressing room were in the edged as well as the Spectator. Tashi Tshering hits the winning runs at the end with two wides conceded, kanglung Hiflier won a tense match at the end. Click here for Full Scorecard

The Afternoon Match saw somewhat replay of the Morning Match at one stages before Thinley Tenzin brilliant Bowling and hat-trick to wrap up the Druk11 Innings for 100 runs, Bhutan Telecom Skipper did not hesitate to Bat first after winning toss, The opening batsmen tashi and Jigme Singye started well in the beginnings when Tashi was Send back to Pavilion which brought Bhutan Telecom Skipper Dorji in the center, Jigme Singye played some beautiful shot of the back foot to dispatch the balls around mid wicket before he was caught behind. Dorji did played well with few beautiful cover drive and back foot cuts around third man area. Bhutan telecom made 120 runs at the End, Ashish the peak Bowler for Druk11.

Druk11 Opener did excatly what doctor advice them when Sanjevan took full charges and start hitting all over the park, his 16 runs entertained the crowd for while and Commentator Kencho Tshering in full praise for him. After the departs of both the openers, Chirac Chhetri and Anand played sensible leaving wides balls which gave them two runs, at one stage extras runs by Bhutan telecom Bowlers gave Druk11 the runs, Dorji Introuduce himself and Jigme singye the Lanky Spinner and Under-15 Bhutan National Cricket Team, Ahsish sent a spark of hope for the Druk11 when he attack spinners, as things was going well for them, a brilliant stumping from Wicketkeeper Tashi shattered their hopes.

Thinley Tenzin who was brutally attack in the first over came back strong in the second overs when he took hat trick in his 5th ball to wrap up the Druk11 Innings and gave Bhutan Telecom 21 runs victory, Jubilant Bhutan telecom celebrates his hat trick by tossing him up in the air, Later on when i Interview him he was so happy that he could only utter"I am so happy for getting hat trick, and most important, that my team won the Match"
Click Here for full scorecard.


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