Thursday, April 29, 2010

Former Cricket Coach Baba Mazahir Sourjah in Bhutan

Former Bhutan national coach Mr. Baba Sourjah from Australia is in Thimphu for 3 weeks. He is here to conduct three weeks advance cricket lessons with coaches and he will be spending sometime sharing his knowledge with U16 boy’s and U19 girls.
Baba with his own creation
Bhutan has been one of his ever loving places and he has always enjoyed working in Bhutan. He was assigned Bhutanese national coach in the year 2003- 2006 and after he left Bhutan Cricket has never assigned any foreign coaches till date. Mr. Baba has been one of the pillars of BCCB in development of cricket in Bhutan. His students and the cricket members have a great respect for what he has done so far. “We really want to have him again and again because of his work the way he does but due to financial problem that we are facing at present, we can’t have him” said Jigme N Norbu, CEO.

Slip Catching Drill
He also added that Mr. Baba has always been a dedicated person and has always been helpful. He has already started his session with coaches and even worked with U19 Girls. “I am very much impressed with coaches and the players for being so dedicated to the game and taking the game serious, I can see the talent and I am very much pleased to work with you all” said Mr. Baba.
On 22nd April 2010 he had a session with eight coaches in Changlimithang national stadium. The session was basically to demonstrate more advance drills to coaches and also to assess their coaching style. “I love the way he creates his own drills and use that within players; it really helped players to develop their skills” said DS Gurung, Coaching Coordinator.
Underarm Drill
On 23rd April 2010, he had session with U19 Girls at same venue. He also insists coaches to run the program at same time. It was same drills he used with girls but it was impressive to see girls enjoying the session.
Reflex Catching
With U-19 Women’s Cricketer
Catching Drills With U-19 Women’s Cricketer


Bhutan Cricket CEO Inspecting Ground Development Infrastructure Sites

Sarpang: the next cricket center of Bhutan

 With Principal of Gelephu LS School

Possibility of flat land to construct of cricket facility and even people loving cricket game in Sarpang District has been the most prior district to develop cricket infrastructures that BCCB is seriously taking interest. National Curator along with CEO and District coordinator had a three days visit to Sarpang for the final assessment to develop cricket nets and grounds. During their visit they have also visited Punakha District to see on the ground work taking place in Ugyen Academy.

 Sarpang Primary School

Bhutan Cricket is really in need of ground and without having no choice; BCCB is taking interest in southern part of Bhutan where possibility of getting flat land. Most of the southern part of Bhutan’s land escape is flat and each school are equip with ground covered with grasses. BCCB head of office is in Thimphu and has been successful in basing up school and club structure but due to raise in school involvement, it has been very hard for BCCB to conduct school cricket activities with that standard of ground. At present in Thimphu district most of the school activities has been conducted in Jigmethang and Changlimithang ground but both grounds are not belongs to BCCB.

 Sarpang HS School

“Being a coaching coordinator my work to make sure those activities should take place as per our plan of action whether in good or bad ground especially in Thimphu District” said DS Gurung. In Punakha BCCB has merged with Schools and has already planned to at least develop center wicket to run cricket activities. 

 Pelrithang MS School ground

“Cricket should go ahead and we can’t stop because of having problem in one district said Jigme Norbu, CEO. He also added that we can’t sit back and talk about no lands, there are many districts interested in cricket and if they have interest in development of cricket we are ready to go ahead. “All the paper work has been done and announcement of tender has already been published in Local paper” said National Curator. 

 Spending time with local cricketers