Sunday, January 14, 2007

A preview of The Saturday Twenty20 Match and it's Preparation

As I am Favor by the Cricket and it's has been my favorite sports, I have been assign to update Bhutan cricket website and i opted to turn down this blog into my cricketing view. All the Match details and Match reports about Bhutan Cricket will be updated in the Bhutan Cricket Website and i go here with my cricket views. It's pretty tired though, but working with Bhutan cricket Council Board is such a fun, the richness of help by my colleagues and by the Board Members, the much waited Twenty20 Cricket Tournament in Bhutan Started with a big buzz in the Changlimithang Cricket Ground yesterday as being the chief coordinator of the Tournament, life is hectic in arranging all sort for a successful tournament.

There were changes in the scenario as i got the music system for the first time with live commentary, every two's, fours, and six runs scored by Batsmen and Wickets claimed by Bowlers were buzzed by a short music, The crowd was good too, though much of the Bhutanese are not into Cricket as it's new games which is gaining it's popularity. The success of Under-15 Bhutanese Cricket Team in the recently concluded ACC U-15 Challenge cup 2006, held in Thailand send a waves of Cricket all around the Country.

As usual, the morning and evening work load had to be the toughest as the freezing weather of Thimphu merges into the Bone and makes it unmovable, huge two speakers along with equalizer and other Commentary Stuff had to be carried down from the Office to the Ground and Back in the Evening. The Voluntary service rendered by few senior players and Under-15 Players is immense.

The opening match saw a small formal ceremony in the ground where Mr Ugyen Tenzin, The Honorable Treasurer of Bhutan Cricket Council Board graced the occasion being the Chief Guest, the ceremony was just simple were the chief guest briefing the players about the Beautiful game of Cricket and It's Popularity amongst the Bhutanese Youth, the ceremony lasted for 10 minutes or so where chief guest opened with a wild swing of the bat.

For the first time, Captains of the Both the team were interview after the toss about the plans and strategy of the match. A post Match Interview was also done for the interest of the Crowd and the Players.The First match between Youth11 and Drupchu 11 who came all the way from Phuntsholing saw some Brilliant Fielding and Bowling from both the team. Youth11 wining by Comfortably at the end.

The Commentary Team comprise of Mr Kencho Tshering of Friend's united, Mr Tshering Dorji of Friend United as well, Mr Monaj Adhikari of Kanglung Hiflier and Myself, apparently Daniel opted to be DJ and carried out the Music system, a non comparable with that of an Saturday Night Party DJ.There were much cheers as the Commentary Team gave mind blowing and interesting commentary during the course of the Matches which attracted a huge numbers of spectator. Players were Introduced when they came on the filed and as well as Bowler bowling from the End.

The Afternoon Match between Veteran's Friend's United and Young Legs of Druk11 saw blistering shot from Friend's United Opening Batsmen in Tshering Tashi and Tshering Dorji. The Match turned out to be an interesting in the course of Druk 11 run chase of 137 poised by Friend's United. With Friend's Bowler conceding way too many wides and the breeze blowing from Archery End causing some chillioutness amongst Friend's United Players, the match ended with Friend's United winning by 71 runs.

At the End of the day, a tired body let no where to go but to get a good sleep, and come back early morning for yet another Exciting Cricket match.


Homer said...

nice post Ugyen :)

KC said...

Sounds like a full, fun day! (though i still don't get cricket..) :-))
Dropped by to say, HI! Will explain about the tag soon..:0)

Anonymous said...

where is the sunday match reports...why is the delay. No offense though...take your time mate.

ugyen said...

Sorry Mate...i thought of writing it yesterday,...but my body, especially neck was hurting, got craped up with pain, and kept it for today, but had to go to paro, official work.. can let it go ... Will write it now...

ugyen said...

Anyway Thanks KC And Homer for the Comments, KC..will explain the Cricket game to you only after you explain me the tagged!! :-) :-), that the deal... lol