Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cricket an All Round Game

I was just wondering about the youths of Bhutan who some were born talent, some achieve talent and some are dumb, i wasn't quite sure why the youths of Bhutan have to suffer while using the narcotic and others drugs substance to feel the warmth within themselves. They can actually do lot's and to minimize drug free , someone or other should take up something which is good for their health, be into games or sports.

If you are into a sports or games, you tend to forget all the bad stuff that is around and learn many things. I take the example of a cricketer, being a Bhutanese, cricket has come to this Beautiful country just couples of years ago and it has attracted lot's of young kids and youth, indeed these kids are so dedicated to the cricket that at one time, you have to drive them to the ground as they are informed coaching session or match practice at 10 Am in morning, the moment you goes to office at 9 Am, kids would be waiting in the door to carry the cricket equipments and are ready to go for the Coaching session or Match Days.

That's the spirit of young enthusiastic cricketer of Bhutan at Present and they are more into cricket than into drugs!! Good one mate!!, as an youth, we should have sense of responsibility, be prepared to do the things and help other. First and foremost things, to avoid using drugs.
I take another example,recently Bhutan cricket Introduced twenty20 Tournament in the Capital city of Thimphu, there wer large numbers of Crowd watching the match and 80 % are kids or youth, they have the zest for cricket.

The under-15 Bhutan National Squad which were runner's up in the ACC U-15 Challenge cup 2006 held in Thailand, Most of them were signed by Druk11 Club Chairman Ashis Chhetri, he as an veteran when the cricket started for the first time in Bhutan. He is experienced campaigner and had been involved with the Bhutan Cricket Council Board Tournament Till date, last time when i interview him prior to the start of the Twenty20 Tournament, he rightly said that he got all the under-15 players into his team and want them to lead the club later when he retires.

When his team were knocked out in the group stages, these young under-15 players are still not satisfied, they still want to be part of the winning team, yeas indeed they are winners and they all deserved applauds, their presence in the Commentary Box and scoreboards were brilliant, they doesn't want to miss the Cricket, and yea, they really don't want to miss it!! so when few of them took the Commentary and few as Scorer, they as an cricketer knows the value of the Game,Cricket is not only Batting and Bowling, anyone can do it if i am not mistaken, there are other things which someone as an cricketer love to do and it gives them an complete package of Cricket Game and It's Rightly the Game of all round.
The Kids just loves cricket.


Linda Muliana said...

Hi make me keep coming back to your blog and make me leave you msg again and again..hehehe..thanks for all the nice words..really appreciate it..i'll try to post a video hopefully this weekend..if i dont can see me for a few second..hehehe...LIVE... :P and can you teach me how to put the snapshot in my blog?? have a nice day ugyen

Dorji said...

well jotted down mate.....keep goin' mate...have a nice day and wish you all the best in the final mate.

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