Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bhutan Cricket Club get a Boost

Can the Bhutan Cricket Clubs who were formerly registered with the Bhutan Cricket Council Board sustain within themselves, the Bhutan cricket board during the meeting with the clubs members discussed the club structure in Bhutan for smooth running and a back up for the Bhutan cricket. The clubs which are registered are:
1. Friend's United
2. Bhutan telecom
3. Druk CLubs

The Above clubs are registered with the Bhutan cricket Board looking into their standard and the continuous support towards the building of Cricket in Bhutan. Those clubs were briefed about thier importance to the Bhutan Cricket in terms of participation in the domestic tournament and building up strong base where players could get a chance to play for the Country.

This clubs to get full support from the board in improvement of their standard and are bound to participate in the every domestic tournament organized by the bhutan cricket board. With the cricket popularity amongst the young kids, more and more talented players would emerge and get a notch in the national side.

The need of clubs structure in the country would certainly enhanced the performance of the players in and out of the country.


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