Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bhutanese Cricketer Showing Football Skills

This is my First Time using YouTube, I just got this video of Young Bhutanese Cricketer who were on Gym session in Youth Center in Swimming Pool Complex. The boys happened to reach there early and had to wait for while and in mean time, someone got a football.


Anonymous said...

hi,ugyen, i dont know if i can succed posting this comment, im using my mobile ph right now wt gprs connection, it's been raining heavily here in jakarla for 2 days and the flood is the worst ever, it's in my house already that means more than 1m on the road, most part of jakarta is dead n it's getting worse because the rain doesnt stop, i hv been busy moving stuff in my parents house to the 2hd floor, internet connection is absolutely dead, electricity's been cut off, some mobile ph provider is dead too luckily i still can use mine, i hv read ur long comment & im very happy to read it, i just cant bublish it if im still using gmail mobile..hope things getting better soon, have a nice weekend ugyen n waiting for another long comment from u, warm regards linda

Anonymous said...

forgive me for the mistyping in some words, the layout of the site is so messy & im using handwriting mode to type it good nite ugyen, -linda-

Cineylens said...

:) works! :)

anyway, keep blogging and don't let your blog die...:)

waiting for more videos...and pics...and news...and views...and rants...:)

Anonymous said...

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