Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bhutan Cricket History : Part III

Continuation of Part 1, Part 2

Bhutan Cricket Association then started hosting Domestic tournament for the cricket enthusiastic and as many as 10 clubs from Thimphu Participate in the Tournament organized by the Bhutan Cricket, the matches were played in coir matting in soccer field of Royal Bhutan Police and Royal Institute of Management in Semtokha, the tournament attracted more and more interested cricket players.

With the support from Asian Cricket Council, Bhutan cricket Association yet again brought new foreign coach after two months of playing first ever international tournament, with the recommendation of Country Development officer, Rumesh Ratnakaya, Baba Mazhier Sourjah was appointed as National Coach, his first visit mark the development of grass root of cricket in Bhutan, his coaching basically consist of Straight Bat and Technical coaching session amongst kids and student. He had a tough time coaching as there were no facilities available at that time, with ground being uneven and invaded by bush, nevertheless his coaching session attracted many kids which were all benefited, he also introduced cricket awareness program....

Nepal Slip cordon ready for yet another Bhutanese wicktes(First Emerging Nation Trophy )

A New level of cricket was set by the time Baba Sourjah tenure ended in July and a complete set of National Players were made by then. Bhutan yet again were invited to participate in the Second Emerging Nation Trophy to be held in Nepal in September 2003, Bhutan couldn’t perform well and due to monsoon season, Bhutan and Nepal Match was a draw as rain abandon it, Bhutan lost to Maldives for second time and yet again Nepal after defeating Maldives lifted the Trophy for second in row making them one of the strongest Associate team in the Asian region. Bhutan cricket team came home in disappointment but with full will and determined this time.

As the cricket playing numbers increased drastically amongst kids and student, more and more kids played cricket in the country be it in gully area, park or road side.

With the emergence of cricket, Asian Cricket Council became clear that without knowing rules and regulation cricket game would lose its charm, so ACC sent umpire resource person to organize umpiring course in Bhutan, Former International umpire, peter manual, K.T Francis and Prasady conducted as many as 5 umpiring courses in Bhutan during 2003-2005. All cricket interested participated in the course and most being student and senior players. The course benefited the cricketer and cricket lovers such as Dorji, Chencho Dorji, Phuntsho Wangdi, Manoj Adhikari who were accredited with ACC level two umpiring certificate and apparently Dorji and Phuntsho wandgi officiated Asian Cricket Council International Matches for Under-15 and Under-17 Respectively.

Asian Cricket Council Development Officer Rumesh Ratnayake Watches The Coaching Session

Tribhuvan University Stadium where Emerging nation Trophy Was held in Nepal

Cricket Basic Coaching Camp Held in Thimphu for Juniors Level

Coach Baba Mazhir Sourjah does Video Analysis of each Batsmen

Thimphu Cricket Enthusiastic having fun with Coach Baba Mazhir Sourjah, the Foreign Coach of Bhutan

Bhutan Senior Player in Training Camp Prior to Second Emerging Nation Trophy in Nepal (Just a Glance at the training field, :-) )

Bhutan Tandin Wangchuk bowls against Nepal in Emerging Nation Trophy held in Nepal

Nepal cricket Players, lead by captain Raju Khadka(White Hat) won the Emerging Nation for second consecutive years

To Be Continued.....


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