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Bhutan Cricket History : Part VI

Continuation Series of Bhutan Cricket History from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Cricket is slowly gaining the popularity amongst the young kids and schools, with regular coaching program in Thimphu District and other District, the numbers of cricket playing have increased.

Back in Bhutan, Bhutan cricket organized Umpire and scorer course for the Bhutanese Cricketer and local interested funded by Asian Cricket Council. Peter Manual, former International Umpire was the Resource person.

With Asian Cricket Council organizing Under – 17 ACC Trophy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from August 5th to 13th 2005 and Invitation sent to all the Asian cricket Members, Bhutan Cricket prepared then prepared the Team to play in the Tournament. Baba Mazhir Sourjah was again appointed as the National Coach and to Prepare for the Under-17 Trophy, Bhutan Cricket then sent notice to schools about the coaching program and the tournament, schools kids were given coaching and were selected for the Tournament. Due to the lack of proper ground and facilities, coaching has really hard for the coach.

Bhutan Cricket with the help of Indian Counselor Rao did coaching and Match Practice in picturesque Indian Embassy cricket Ground. Asian cricket Council Country Development officer Rumesh Ratnayke made his trip to Bhutan to assist the Under-17 National team for the Tournament. With regular Match Practice situation and coaching, Bhutan cricket u-17 National team was selected with Manoj Adhikari leading the team.
Bhutan were Group against Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Bhutan Participated in the Tournament and were minnows with the likes of UAE, Nepal, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore , Bahrain, Afghanistan, Oman and other strong nation.

Though Bhutan lost all the group match, Bhutan Sushil Sharma Luitel, a 14 years old players caught the headlines and other spectator when he half the size of the opponent bowled 8 overs without giving a single wide’s and faced the pace attack with straight bat when other had the problem. He sets the example of how a young cricketing Nation like Bhutan has the talent in young school kids. The Under-17 Tournament had to be Abandon after the Quarter Final Match due to smoky and haze in Kuala Lumpur after fire blazed in the Neighboring Country. The Tournament had to be canceled and there was no winner.

Thimphu Cricket Ground has slowly got the turf covered and laid a concrete wicket in the middle where a permanent synthetic wicket would be laid for local tournament and match Practice. At the end of October 2005, Bhutan Cricket Laid second synthetic wicket in the Center which became the gem for all the cricketers and lovers where they could actually feel the game sense and match situation.

For the toast to the cricket lovers and enthusiastic cricketer club, Bhutan cricket organized their own version of super 8 knock out tournament where 8 teams participated. The rule is only 8 players a side and 8 over, The scoring runs rule was just simple for the small ground, if the ball hits the fence two runs are scored and if it goes above the fence without touching the fence four runs are credited to the Batsmen, if it land in the first step of the pavilion six runs. IMTRAT team won the tournament with Friend’s United team runner’s up. The tournament brought up new face in the cricket as people began to understand the game and the rules.

The year 2006.

As the cricket activities kept on rolling and matches played between the clubs and the cricket lovers, Asian Cricket Council yet again organized the Emerging Nation Trophy hosted by Thailand in Bangkok. The teams are same except for Brunei not able to participate in the tournament, Bhutan National Team was trained for two months in the Thimphu. With same Weather condition prevailing, the training has been very tough, still the players mange to adapts. Feb 2006, Bhutan Participated in the 4th Emerging Nation Tournament held in Bangkok from 12th – 16th February 2006.

Bhutan jinx in International Match Still couldn’t be broken as they were yet again beaten by Thailand and Maldives in the league match. Apparently Bhutan and Thailand Match was decided on duck worth lewis after rain interrupted in the second innings when Bhutan was chasing a score of 300 runs made by Thailand Team, Thailand were the winner by 69 runs at the end. The Tournament was graced by Bhutan Queen Her Majesty Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuk while playing against Maldives, this has been a memorable moment for Bhutanese Cricketer and Maldives cricketer, Dasho Ugen Tshechup Dorje, the Vice-President of Bhutan Cricket accompanied the Queen as well. Bhutan lost to Maldives and yet again a replay of the 3rd Emerging Nation trophy final between Maldives and Thailand, Maldives outplayed Thailand and were Champion for second time in second years row.

The Asian Cricket Council ACC Trophy 2006 to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from june 12-24 June 2006. The preparation for the Senior National Team which consist of former national players and other new talented players. Bhutan Cricket with the recommendation from Rumesh Ratnakya, the Country Development officer yet again appointed Baba Mazhir Sourjah as National coach and to prepared team for the ACC Trophy. With the ground in good condition for the coaching and match, training has been different with game sense and match plan along with the fitness of the players simultaneously coaching the schools kids during weekend by the senior players assist by Baba M Sourjah. Schools Kids gather in the grounds in Numbers and Girls did participated which shows the cricket has been injected into the blood of Bhutanese people.

There were funs all around the ground with the kids, basic cricket coaching for the beginner were taught, young talented players were chosen in the probable list for the Under-15 Challenge Cup in December 2006. The schools kids were given valuable tips by the senior players and were benefited during Under-15 Canvas Ball School Tournament held later in the September month.

Baba M Sourjah, Coaching Session In Indian Embassy, Thimphu

Bhutan Under-17 and Senior Players does Warm Up

Umpire Peter Manual With the Participant on the Field

Umpires And Scorers Lunch Time, Guys looks Yummy

Under-17 National Team Fielding Session In Indian Embassy Ground

Bhutan Young Sushil Sharma during Net Practice

Under-17 Players In Net Practice Session in Thimphu

Guys Still One Last Part to Go before i finish with Bhutan Cricket History Series..... Stay Tuned!!!!

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