Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cricket Development in Sarpang District :

Hi Everyone,

It's been quite while since i updated my blogs, well i got nothing to keep updates except for the level "O" coaching course and cricket development in Gelephu Schools, the other is Umpiring Workshop in Paro District.
The Coaching course and Cricket Development session in Gelephu District was head by Bhutan Cricket Coaching Coordinator Damber Singh Gurung and Assistant Coaching Coordinator Tshering Dorji, The main aim of the coaching course was to educate the schools teacher and prepare for the up coming school tournament in Gelephu, gelephu being border with the Assam states have lot of cricket playing and as the cricket has been existing long time ago, with full support from the Youth and cultural Ministry and the cooperation by the Gelephu Sports Association, Bhutan Cricket could take the cricket in gelephu to newer height.

All the schools were given coaching session with some school being far away, yet two coaches have made available for the general enthusiastic schools kids, girls were not shy to compete with the boys. The two coaches brief all the schools that the Bhutan Cricket would fully support the school to promote the cricket and with fully support pledge by the schools to promote cricket and introduce in the school, cricket would certainly take over from other sports.

"Gelpehu schools have lot of potential for development of cricket as every schools have their own ground and few schools have two ground which is lying ideal and await for renovation, this is a bonus for them as they could have the cricket base set up in in the ground where cricket activities and tournament could be held amongst the schools and within schools, the ground would have the international size where International Tournament can be held ". remarks Damber Singh Gurung.

With the round up of the Sarpang District as well, two coaches have really worked in development of the cricket and paving way for setting up base where there will be a full time coach to look after the cricket in the region.

Gelephu Lower Secondary School

Level "O" Theory Class in Progress

Damber Singh Gurung Lead By Example

Girls Takes Hand into Batting


cineylens said...

that's good news you just post the good things happening with cricket or what? lol

um, what about other dzongkhags? would love to know them too...and why don't you post a schedule of international games where bhutan participates?

KC said...

Ugyen, I loved those Cricket Picture Moments that you had on the last post, unfortunately, I couldn't find a comment section there!:-))
That kid is soooo adorable! :-))
(From a KC who only likes kids in pictures...*lol*)