Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bhutan Cricket Picture Moment!!!

Hello Everyone,
I just want to say sorry for not able to complete the "Bhutan Cricket History" series, well something wrong happen last time while i was about to post it, actually the history post is almost to end and only one post to go. Unfortunately all my file has been deleted from the computer and so couldn't get the file.!! pardon ..will try to compile yet again and post it soon.!

Meanwhile, i got few favorites cricket moment picture...check it out!!

Ball, Will you wait for me as well, i want to go with you!!

Do I look Perfect, I am next Batsman!!!

Hey Little Mousey, what you doing in the field!!!

Don't You think i should be putting on some sun block lotion !!

Look what he is holding in his hand!! Thats Bad, really bad :-) :-)

Focused!!! Guys don't disturb me!!

Is that A pen or Cigarettes!!!

Man You gotta Wait for the ball to come before you swing!!!

Umpires!!!! Are we in Ascending Order!!!

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Linda Muliana said...

Hi Ugyen..thanks for the notes again and as usual..i just got home..really tired and headache..just want to say hi to you and keep the rutinity..but i wont be able to write you long as i really need to sleep hope to see you again soon..have a nice weekend and dont work too hard with your one month laundry :P