Friday, March 30, 2007

Roger Binny inspire Gelephu School Kids

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Sorry for not able to update this blog, well i was busy taking a break and getting the Cricket World Cup updated as the super 8 match is underway. And yea, i been to Gelephu , a place in south of Bhutan and border to Indian State of Assam. Actually we were on tour with Roger Binny who is the Country Development Officer of Bhutan and is on 4 days country assignment.

Roger Binny on his Second Visit to Bhutan and this time, the Board has decided to take him to Gelephu Region where the Local Coaches have already done the Level " O" Coaching Course and Cricket Development Activities in the Schools. His Visit would mean an immense shoot up of cricket Enthusiastic amongst the Student. All has been arranged in the Gelephu District with the help of Bhutan India Friendship Association Vice-President Norbu Rabten and Dorji, these guys have rendered tireless service to the Bhutan Cricket in arrangement of Roger Binny Visit to Gelephu.

Bhutan Cricket Official and Roger Binny meet with the principal and Headmaster of Gelpehu Middle Secondary School and Gelephu Lower Secondary School respectively and discussed about the cricket promotion in the school, roger said that the most important for the cricket to develop is to have base in the school. He also visited various vacant area in and around Gelephu region for a suitable and International Size Ground for Bhutan Cricket to Develop it.

Later in the Afternoon, The schools has another plan, the District Education Officer has ordered all the Teachers and student to welcome Roger Binny, the 1983 world cup winning players. The school basketball ground was filled with 1000 plus student from Both the schools to welcome Roger Binny and to Get Inspirational Talk and Autograph. The Headmaster welcomed him with Traditional Khadar and then he was briefly introduced by Norbu Rabten, the Focal Person for Bhutan cricket, he then gave a short talk to the student and send a waves of encouragement to all the Student. He was then Mob for the Autograph.

Such an Great Ambassador for cricket can turn the favor and mind of young kids around and so can the Cricket Game be Achieved at highest level, with the formal presence of Roger Binny in the Gelephu Schools, more and more Student will take up cricket and thus promote cricket in the region.


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KC said...

Yo Ugyen, What's up? Haven't seen you for a long time! :-))
Let me guess, you guys are still in gelephu, and ran into a road block, and now are stuck there with no connection? :-))
Just kidding! :-))
You won't believe this: I actually have a cousin in the SAARC rally! he never told me! :-)) I just got him by accident when i was trying to reach my sister...strange man! I'd heard he was going to apply, but he never got back after that! :-))

cineylens said...

mmm...i haven't been here for a long time too. pologies, ugyen...keep us updated on bhutan cricket...and binny too!

cineylens said...

mmm...still roger binny...still out on tour?

take care and keep us posted...:)

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