Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bhutan Cricket Ground : A Changes

I am doing some time pass on my computer where i came across with these two picture of Thimphu Cricket Ground. One is taken on 2004 and the other in 2006, the Difference of two years and the changes that the ground had undergone.

Thimphu Cricket Ground in year 2006
The Ground in the year 2004


Homer said...

wow.. thats phenomenal Ugyen.. Any recent pics of the ground?

Is this the main venue for Bhutan's international games?

ugyen said...

Hey Homer,
Thanks for the comment, sorry for not being able to drop by your blog, did saw few times, i am sorry that i don't have the recent pic of the ground. and this ground is the main ground which Bhutan Cricket has at the moment, just the size of two futsal ball court.

KC said...

Ah! Never noticed the Cricket grounds before, but if it looks as good as in the pictures now, I suppose it will be hard to miss when i next see it, mosh!

Thanks for always taking the time and trouble to say hello! :=D

Anonymous said...

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Gaime said...

Hey can you help me out with the two sidebar elements? The codes from Hans are not working correctly. Could you use the same template as mine and add the right sidebar and make a "text area" html code so I can copy it?