Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yuvraj Sing hit Six Sixes as England Bowler was helpless

Durban: Indian vice-captain Yuvraj Singh has been living a nightmare ever since England allrounder Dmitri Mascarenhas clobbered him for five successive sixes in an over at the sixth ODI at the Oval. Many, by his own admissing, have been calling him to taunt him about the blitz that he was at the wrong end of.

Tonight, at the Kingsmead Cricket Ground, in the ICC World Twenty20 match against England, Yuvraj Singh found the perfect repartee for such callers by striking six massive sixes all over the ground off paceman Stuart Broad as he spurred India to a 19-run victory in the critical match. "God has answered my prayers but I feel sorry for Stuart," he said, savouring the double delight of the being the first to hit six sixes in an over in T20 and a fine India win.

"It was a great feeling to achieve this. I was the one who was hit for five sixes and I know it is horrible feeling at the end of the day. Obvioulsy, there are good days and there are bad. It was one of those days where he was at the wrong end," he said. "It is T20 and it can happen to anyone. It is just how the game is."

Yuvraj Singh said that a brief exchange with Andrew Flintoff charged him up a bit. "This is international cricket and these are a part of the game but he had charged me up and I wanted to give it back with the bat," he said. "We had two overs to go and had seven wickets in hand and I just wanted to play my shots. After the fourth I thought I could try a couple more if used the crease better."

None of the shot were pre-meditated. he said. "I was watching the ball off his hand and I just wanted to hit straight and I am glad I connected all six. He was looking for the yorker and I was able to make one a full toss and another a half-volley by using the crease. I guess I timed it right," he said.

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