Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fatel Journey to Paro Shaba Ground and picture!!

Puff!!! Pufff!!Am I Lazy, i beg pardon if i am, i promised to post the Paro Shaba ground which KC referred as Dusty and yeap it's dusty and caught my throat as well. The Ground is just an information that Bhutan Cricket will be developing into a cricket field. It was last sunday when i made my trip to the ground early morning with surveyor to survey the whole ground for design, Architect and the estimation.

Actually i have become lazy hog from an active hog given the amount of time i go moving from Thimphu to Paro and vice versa. With the road widening in process and if you are late in getting up from your bed you gotta be waiting in queue till the road open and in dusty and sometimes when rain get timely during your trip.

To add to that i will share how bad and nasty it would be to travel, it was the week before i made my trip to paro, i speed a lot and preferred to take my Motorbike with rain hitting the earth considerable at slow rate while i made my move to Paro. As i was half way down the journey, i prayed and cursed myself that i should not have made my move, i got slipped several time in muddy and slippery road, My cloths was drench in water, The Vehicle coming your way have no mercy on you as they splashed water and mud. Such an scary journey but it was fun and a lesson for me to.... watch out for the Motorbike riding sixes and fours on Bright sunny day rather than bowled, caught and nicked on Rainy day.

Anyway i got the picture of the Ground Hidden Inside the Post "read more" as my Page eat's up hell lot of time loading (Security Reason)

KC and Linda, i am lovin the Comments you guys shared on this page,!!!!

Survey Daza Getting Through the Lens

Paro Shaba Ground view from Road End

Morning Scene, look who is that person???

Paro Shaba Ground far end view.


Linda Muliana said...

Hi are you today? hope that you are fine..
im having my 5 minutes i dropped by to say hi to you. have a stressing week since last weekend and i really hope this weekend pass very quick..anyway..have a nice weekend and hope to see you again anytime today..
take care

Roger said...

Hi Ugyen like that Motorbike do you do wheelys with it..hey I know your in a hury but slow down dont want you to get in any accidents! your friend Roger

Homer said...

Cheers Ugyen.. :)

Linda Muliana said...

dont worry ugyen..i will wait many minutes..hehehe... :P *is that english "many" minutes? ;)

cineylens said...

hey, take your time...and do take care of yourself. by the way, that ground surely is ugly. looks like the ball will end up in the river if you hit fours and sixes, eh?

um, keep riding, whatever it is that you are riding *wink*wink* and catch ya later...

Linda Muliana said...

Hi Ugyen..i wrote you a long note bfore..but i had no luck to post know how bad my connection lost the feeling to retype it..hehehe..sorry about that and sorry about today as i dont have time to chat with you..i was talking with my dad and my brother in law about my dad's business..will tell you the story later when i meet you i need to sleep as i slept only 4hours today..i woke up and gone somewhere already when you posted your notes..we chatted until 5h30am and my crazy client woke me up on sunday at 9am!!!!! anyway..have a good nite sleep and talk to you tomorrow..take care