Friday, September 29, 2006

Roger Binny to visit Bhutan

Roger Binny has cast his flannels away, but has retained enormous zest for cricket -- Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy

ROGER BINNY is best remembered as a utility man who could do a bit of everything rather tidily on the field.

But his lasting cricketing imprint lies in that Indian epic of 1983 when in the final of the third World Cup, simple faith triumphed over invincible might, contrary to overwhelming world opinion at the time that West Indies was unbeatable. Binny had swung his bat and turned his arm over to good effect on that unforgettable afternoon at, where else, but the Lord's.Binny's cricketing days are long over. His career statistics did not in the end do justice to his true potential. He has cast his flannels away. Yet, he retains that enormous zest he had for the game. He is now playing a flourishing innings, which does not require a bat, but demands patience, perseverance, and above all unflinching commitment. He is out to develop the game in the most cricket-impoverished countries such as Brunei, Bhutan, Thailand and Myanmer. The man who thrived on challenges during his playing time continues to thrive on one more in the second innings of his life.As an development Officer for Asian Cricket Council.
Roger Binny first visit to Bhutan from 1st October to 6th October will work with senior players and junior involving under-15 school kids, his cricketing knowledge will be far more imparted to the youngester of Bhutan whereon they will lead the example of great Cricketer who has been a intrumental in their 1983 world cup win. His Visit is part of Asian Cricket Council country assignment to member countries.

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