Friday, April 07, 2006

Over View of the Ground!

The day seems to favor me as the rain continues to rain when the city is in dull state of all the work. I am indeed happy that at least our ground would be wet and grass can get their water, and yeah they still need the kind of nutrients and I scoped a bucket of urea …I gasp let the grass get their food and flush green scenario of the ground. The work is still at large as far as the ground condition is concern for a good cricket match. Within a span of a year the ground look much better than before where it has been rugged and skinny grass feed on it and people walk all over the place creating new footpath. You can’t get the maximum satisfaction of the new look of your ground unless it is covered with green cover of grass, I have the pain when it deteriorate during the winter and have to take all sort of action to make them come into new life. “Hard Isn’t to play” and yet it need good care.

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