Monday, April 03, 2006


Gosh!! this is breath taking task that i handled today. Had to get the ground mowed within a period of just half day. It started with the getting down the lawn mower from the store which probably lies 100 mtrs above the ground, had to get it down with a friend of mine. I was wondering where shall i begin mowing, i gasp!! then a freind of mine put an idea to start from the corner,hour passed after mowing ...the ground seem to look bigger...hahah had to sigh and then start yet the closest of the sun set, the ground sudenly look like it has got his hair cut for the month.I light a cigarettes and the got help from my younger players to get the lawn mower reach his place. I watched it from the top pavillion to see the ground look absolutely great and .. i wisper to the player..."mate the ground is ready for play" they giggled and applaud me...i had a clear look at the ground and "yeah that was pretty awesome work that i did" lights a cigarettes and smokes

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